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PEARLS, GEMS, DIAMONDS, TREASURES — Scriptural and religious wisdom

Index to my ‘scriptural companion’ list and doctrinal insights list:

  1. Absolutes, the nine
  2. Appendage, the — the various pearls found in my own scriptural appendage
  3. Articles of Faith, how did we get the Articles of Faith?
  4. Attributes:  Christ-like attributes scripture chains
  5. Baptismal interview questions: simple and pure
  6. Beatitudes, the – steps to exaltation
  7. Blessed, yes, we are truly BLESSED! — is it wrong to say ‘we are blessed’ or ‘I am blessed’ or ‘I have been blessed’?
  8. Change of heart — how do we know if our heart is ‘changing’, and how do we maintain the ‘change’; by Elder Eduardo Gavarret
  9. Christians, are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Christians? —  yes, and here are 13 reasons why
  10. Christians, are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Christians? — yes; general information that answers that question
  11. Christmas — the three ‘levels’ of Christmas
  12. Constitution for a perfect life and marriage — President Harold B. Lee’s timeless suggestions, based on 3 Nephi 12 to 15
  13. Correction — ‘reproving betimes with sharpness…’, Christ-like correction or reproof
  14. Counseling those desiring to repent
  15. Courtship — a time to consider several questions
  16. Developing Christ-like attributes
  17. Difficult gospel issues and how to address them
  18. Disagreement — how to disagree in a Christ-like way, by President Russell M. Nelson
  19. Disciples of Jesus Christ — President Russell M. Nelson shares six vital steps to becoming disciples of Christ
  20. Example:  examples of wonderful examples!
  21. General Conference April 2022: fifteen invitations from our prophets and apostles
  22. General Conference:  the six purposes of General Conference, by President David O. McKay
  23. Gifts, less-conspicuous gifts — by Elder Marvin J. Ashton
  24. Grieving — 5 things to say and 5 things to not say to someone who is grieving
  25. Growing up spiritually — inspired counsel on spiritual maturity
  26. Ladder of faith — by Elder Larry S. Kacher of the Seventy
  27. LeGrand Richards proposes — Elder Richards unique approach to proposing to his future bride
  28. Longevity of our leaders — by President Gordon B. Hinckley
  29. Love God  — two apostles teach us how to ‘love God’
  30. Love Language — the five ‘languages’ of love
  31. ‘Miracle of Forgiveness’:  Miracle of Forgiveness scripture chains
  32. Miscellaneous jewels
  33. Missionary planner jewels
  34. Moroni — by Elder Glen L. Rudd
  35. Mothers — ‘The Meanest Mother’, by Irene Hopkins
  36. Nine Absolutes, The — nine keys to spiritual well-being
  37. Prayer — Ten important aspects of prayer, as presented on (Come Unto Christ section)
  38. Promptings of the Spirit, how to recognize — by Elder Tad R. Callister
  39. Prophets — Why do we need a prophet on the earth today?
  40. Purification, justification, sanctification — scriptural explanation of each principle
  41. Purity Plan, the
  42. Questions of the soul answered by the Book of Mormon — from ‘Preach My Gospel’, page 107
  43. Quotes: inspiring quotes
  44. Recognizing the Spirit:  by Brother Mark A. Mathews
  45. Repentance Process, the
  46. Sacrament — remission of sin as we partake of the Sacrament, Elder Kevin Pearson
  47. Scriptural highlights:  references to my favorite scriptural highlights and stories
  48. Scriptural pearls and gems index
  49. Scripture chains
  50. Spiritual Awakening
  51. Stand for faith with love, by Elder Clark Gilbert
  52. Stripling Ammonites, Stripling Warriors
  53. Suffering — finding strength and even joy while suffering, by Elder Anthony D. Perkins
  54. Teaching — basic and important principles of effective teaching, shared by President Jack Christensen
  55. Temple, the
  56. Temples, Covenants, Children, and Hope — compiled by N. Gaylon Hopkins
  57. Temple workers devotional — notes from the unforgettable talk by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, December 12, 2021
  58. Temptation, avoiding — pearls from the Doctrine and Covenants in avoiding, resisting, and overcoming temptation
  59. Things of the Soul — thoughts from Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve, regarding essential ‘things’ in our lives
  60. Transgressors — three types of sinners
  61. Willingness versus perfection — wonderful thoughts from a talk by Elder Bradley R. Wilcox, delivered at October 2021 General Conference

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