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Information about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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  • Adam and Eve:  basic truths about the Fall, ‘original sin’, and conflicting commandments in the Garden of Eden
  • Basics:  An LDS apostle clearly explains the basic principles of the LDS religion, including faith, family, facts and fruit!
  • Basics:  An article about the LDS Church distributed by Ford Motor Company to its employees
  • Book of Mormon:  An LDS apostle explains what the Book of Mormon is and why it is a testament of Jesus Christ
  • Book of Mormon:  Elder Tad R. Callister explains why the Book of Mormon is a compelling witness of the divinity of Christ and the restoration
  • Book of Mormon:  Bishop W. Christopher Waddell explains why the Book of Mormon is “A Standard unto All People”
  • Book of Mormon:  Hiram Page’s bold pronouncement about the origins of the Book of Mormon
  • Book of Mormon: purposes of the Book of Mormon and doctrinal contributions of the Book of Mormon
  • Book of Mormon:  KnoWhy’s published by Book of Mormon Central, in-depth articles about all things pertaining to the Book of Mormon
  • Christians:  Are Mormons Christian?  An LDS apostle gives a clear and unequivocal answer to this question
  • Christians:  Are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Christian?  An article addressing this issue, found on ‘’
  • Doubt and difficult questions: How can we deal with doubt and difficult questions?
  • Eyes that see, ears that hear: a wonderful article by Daniel Peterson concerning creation
  • Godhead:  President Gordon B. Hinckley gives the LDS view of God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit
  • Gospel basics:  basic gospel doctrine as presented in the Liahona magazine
  • Gospel topic essays:  informative articles found on ‘’ relating to current issues
  • Handbook, General:  wording changes in the General Handbook of Instructions
  • Hope:  interesting perspective on this important doctrinal principle
  • ‘If Thou Endure It Well’:  thoughts concerning wayward children and facing life’s challenges, by Elder Marvin J. Ashton
  • Immigration and Race: Church statements on Immigration and race relationships
  • KnoWhy’s:  KnoWhy’s published by Book of Mormon Central, in-depth articles about all things pertaining to the Book of Mormon
  • Meeting the Challenges of Today:  Elder Neal A. Maxwell’s classic talk regarding secularism and irreligion
  • Members:  “Touched by a Mormon”; the widespread influence of the LDS church and its members
  • Neighbors:  Why Mormons make good neighbors
  • Our Child Is His Child:  We can trust the Lord to care for our wayward children
  • Proclamations from our Church leaders:  various proclamations given from Church leaders over the years
  • Revelation on the Priesthood, 1978: remarks by President Dallin H. Oaks
  • Revelation, ongoing: instruction concerning ongoing revelation in the Church, March 2019
  • Smart Mormons: an article written by an author not affiliated with the Church but who has had extensive involvements with Church members
  • Stand Forever: a faith-promoting talk by Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge of the Seventy, concerning finding solid spiritual footing in a day of deception and distraction, as long as we stand on the rock of revelation
  • Symbolism found in the  Thorvaldsen statues of the original apostles of Jesus
  • Temples:  What are they, why do we have them, what do we do in them, and why are they significant
  • Temple recommend questions: for those seeking a recommend to enter the temple
  • “Ten things I know for sure”: President Russell M. Nelson shares 10 doctrinal facts that he KNOWS to be true!
  • Websites:  Links to three excellent LDS websites
  • Women: Women are endowed with Priesthood power

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