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Miscellaneous Pearls — ‘Things of the soul’

Elder Ronald A. Rasband

‘Things of the Soul’, by Elder Dale G. Renlund

  • Love God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ
  • Love your neighbor
  • Love yourself
  • Keep the commandments
  • Always be worthy of a temple recommend
  • Be joyful and cheerful
  • Follow God’s living prophet

Elder Rasband presented these seven ‘things’, and he admonished church members to add three personal ‘things’ to the list.  For years I have had a very personal list of ‘things’ that I consider essential to being a true disciple of Christ.  I call them the “NINE ABSOLUTES”:

  1. Scriptures — feasting upon God’s words daily
  2. Prayer — daily and fervent
  3. Fasting — at least monthly with a defined purpose
  4. Duty — knowing my duty in the Kingdom and acting on that duty
  5. Service — selfless and daily service to others, praying for opportunities
  6. Sabbath — strict observance of the Lord’s day as a ‘sign’ to Him of my love
  7. Tithes and offerings — full and complete compliance with the Lord’s ‘financial plan’
  8. Temple — monthly participation in the sacred ordinances in the House of the Lord
  9. Meetings — full and attentive participation with our prescribed Sunday services

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