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Inspiring Quotes

  • Sensible people learn from their own mistakes; intelligent people learn from other people’s mistakes.
  • Agency:  1) it is the power to choose between good and evil  2) it introduces opposition in all things  3) it provides the opportunity for obedience to laws and commandments.
  • Remember the following:  1) you are unique  2) your life has purpose  3) you choose who you become  4) you are NEVER alone.
  • “Embrace the marginalized, or, in other words, do as Jesus did — seek the least, the last, and the lost.”  — Elder Robert Gay
  • Divine truths and beliefs:  1) I am always divinely guided  2) I will always take the right path  3) God will make a way when there seems to be no way.
  • Various forms of revelation and guidance:  1) sudden and clear inspiration, as if turning on a light switch  2) gradual and slowly-growing light, similar to a sunrise  3) slow and deliberate whisperings like a slowly lifting fog.
  • Pattern for change:  1) goals  2) plans  3) follow-up.
  • The “culture” of a mission is what happens when the mission president is not around.
  • “The answer is ALWAYS in the doctrine!” —  Elder David A. Bednar
  • According to Elder Dallin H. Oaks, a mission deals with two things — who you are, and the origin of your call.
  • Teaching in the Savior’s way:  1) prepare to learn  2) interact to edify  3) invite to act  4) testify!
  • Why we obey, from least noble to most noble:  1) solely out of duty  2) to reap promised blessings  3) fear of punishment  4) love of God and fellowmen.
  • Improvement:  1) what can we START that we are not doing  2) what can we STOP that we should not be doing  3) what can we CONTINUE that is good ?
  • Remember the ‘EDGES’ when you are teaching:  E xplain  —  D emonstrate  —   G uide  —  E nable  —  the S pirit !
  • Companion relationships: 1) forming  2) storming  3) norming  4) performing  5) transforming.
  • Philosophy of the world:  I need to see, then I might believe.  Philosophy of a disciple:  I will believe, with the hope of seeing.
  • “It doesn’t matter if your computer is able to compile all the family group sheets for everyone that ever lived on the earth.  It remains the responsibility of each individual to know his kindred dead, even if the temple work is done and completed.   It is still each person’s responsibility to study and become acquainted with his ancestors.”  — Joseph Fielding Smith, in ‘Doctrines of Salvation’.

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