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The Nine Absolutes

During my years of service in the Church, I have found that there are nine things that active, Christ-centered disciples must have in their lives to keep their hands firmly grasping the ‘iron rod’, remaining devoted to the Lord and His Gospel.  Those nine absolutes are:

  1. Scriptures  —  feasting upon daily
  2. Prayer — with real intent daily
  3. Fasting — with a purpose, at least monthly
  4. Duty — serving and acting as Christ did
  5. Service — selfless and sincere
  6. Sabbath — keeping it holy as a ‘sign’ to the Lord
  7. Tithing — full and generous
  8. Temple — making and keeping covenants
  9. Meetings — to worship the Lord

A mnemonic that helps me remember these 9 points is:

  • S  ome
  • P  eople
  • F  ind
  • D  aily
  • S  cripture
  • S  tudy
  • T  ough
  • T  o
  • M  aster

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