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Miscellaneous Pearls — The Culture of Christ

Elder William K. Jackson

In the October 2020 General Conference of the Church, Elder William K. Jackson shared the following characteristics of Christ’s unique culture:

  • There is certainty that Heavenly Father exists, is real, and loves us.
  • There is understanding that all are of equal worth, without caste, rank, or class.
  • There is no prejudice, no ‘us’ versus ‘them’.
  • There is charity, true Christ-like caring.
  • There is revelation, centered in God’s words and prophets.
  • There is always agency, promoting wise choices.
  • There is learning and study, seeking wisdom and knowledge.
  • There is faith in Jesus, and obedience to His commandments.
  • There is prayer, with God hearing and answering sincere supplications.
  • There are covenants, ordinances, standards, and sacrifices.
  • There is repentance and forgiveness, based on the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
  • There is priesthood governance through God’s authority and power.
  • There are miracles, wrought by faith in Jesus Christ.
  • There is missionary work, with the worth of souls being great.
  • There is respect for all, with the elevation of women’s status.
  • There is focus on the sanctity of families, the basic unit of eternity.
  • There is eternal perspective and focus on things of great worth.
  • There is inclusivity, not exclusivity.
  • There is viewing of ourselves as we really are.

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