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The Beatitudes — steps to exaltation

1.  The Love of God (beatitudes 1 through 4)
.     A. Poor in spirit — to feel spiritually needy, to feel complete dependence on God, to be deeply grateful, to seek guidance
.     B. Mourn — to feel godly sorrow for sin, to seek forgiveness, to shun evil
.     C. Meek — not easily provoked or irritated when annoyed, having complete self-mastery, courageous in moral conviction, unmoved by temptation
.     D. Hunger and thirst — craving for things of the Spirit, seeking greater spirituality, no disposition to commit sin

2. The Love of Fellowmen (beatitudes 5 through 8)
.     E.  Merciful — kind, compassionate, empathetic, no feelings of revenge or malice, leaning on mercy rather than justice
.     F.  Pure in heart — free of guile, seeing others through spiritual eyes, seeing ‘good’ or ‘God’ in others, non-judgmental, non-critical
.     G. Peacemakers — respect for spiritual things and sacred things, listeners, seeking goodwill, quiet, serene, unruffled in trials
.     H. Persecuted — uncompromising, honest, morally straight, standing firm

3. If counseling unhappy spouses or unhappy missionary companions, have them read the Beatitudes and other parts of the Sermon on the Mount three times in three days, individually and together, reading aloud.  Then have them discuss the verses that provide solutions to their problems or unhappiness.  Report back!

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