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Rudd family mantra, from Elder Glen L. Rudd to his family members

My wonderful father-in-law, Elder Glen L. Rudd, had personal cards made for each of his family members that contained the following inspiring advice:

  As a member of the Rudd family, I will remember, do, and stand for the following —
.    · PRAYER – personal, family, daily
.    · TITHING – 100%, along with a generous fast offering
.    · TEMPLE RECOMMEND – never without and use it often
  · HONEST – to myself and to all others
.    · SUSTAIN – my spouse, my parents, my church leaders
.    · SERVE – the Church, my family, myself, and others
  · READ – the scriptures, good books, only good stuff!
  · WORK – with pleasure, being grateful to have work to do
  · THINK – of happiness and cleanliness, thinking of these constantly
  · FAITH – it is a gift from God, earn my abundant share

  In the Rudd family —
  · Four things we will do every day:
     1) PRAYER – personal and family
     2) SCRIPTURES – personal and family
.       3) WORK – be known as a hard worker, be a good employee or employer
.       4) SERVE and GIVE – family, the Church, and others
  · Four things we will do every week:
     1) Attend Sacrament, priesthood, and other church meetings
.       2) Hold Family Home Evening every Monday
     3) Priesthood work night – ministering visits, missionary work, visit the sick
     4) Go on a date with my spouse
  · Four things we will do every month:
     1) Pay a full tithing
     2) Fast and pay a generous fast offering
     3) Set familiy goals
.       4) Share a yearly newsletter with family members
  · As members of the Rudd family, we will strive to feed the FOUR HUNGERS that all people have:
.       1) To be LOVED
.       2) To be APPRECIATED
.       3) To be UNDERSTOOD
.       4) To be TRUSTED

Questions that we should ask ourselves on a regular basis:
.      · How do I treat my spouse?
    · How good is my example to my children?
.      · Do I tell others of my spouse’s faults?
    · Do I smile and laugh often?
    · Do I strive to improve my sense of humor?
.      · Do I take myself too seriously?
.      · Am I appreciative and grateful?
.      · Do I express my appreciation often?
    · Do I take offense when no offense was intended?

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