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menunine (Unique names ** )

Unique Names

During my career, I have spent many hours on labor and delivery units.  I have heard many unique names that parents have chosen for their babies.  Early in my career, I began to collect these unique names, and the list has grown to prodigious proportions over the years.  I have also added other unique names garnered from families, friends, and members of wards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I present my lists now for your enjoyment.

I need to make it clear that I am not making a statement about names being odd or outlandish or weird.  I simply find the names on my lists “unique”.  Please don’t take offense if the name of your child or sibling or relative appears on these lists.  No “correctness statement” is being made.  Read and enjoy.

Several lists are shown below, including girls’ names, boys’ names, clusters of unique names in families, and “If Utah mothers….”.

Girls’ names
Boys’ names
Family names
If Utah mothers re-named Utah cities  :o)
If Utah mothers re-named Santa’s reindeer   :o)
If Utah mothers re-named fast food restaurants in Utah   :o)
Eleven unusual baby names that can only be from Utah
Missionary names, collected during our service at the Provo Missionary Training Center
Texas names, submitted by a wonderful niece of mine

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