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winterizecompressed (compressed air ** )

Winterizing our 2017 Keystone Cougar trailer using compressed air

Winterizing procedure for our travel trailer using compressed air:
  • Blow out any stray water from the compressor connector.
  • Empty the trailer’s water heater.  Leave the plug out.
  • Bring up the compressor pressure and adjust ‘tool pressure’ to about 30 psi  Do not exceed 30 psi.
  • Close all the faucets and taps in the trailer.
  • Connect the compressor to the water intake connector on the trailer.
  • Blow out the water heater first.  Feel for air coming out the plug port.
  • Once the heater is drained, take it out of line by opening the bypass valves in the trailer under the kitchen sink.
  • Blow out the two kitchen sink faucets (hot then cold).
  • Blow out the taps and faucets in the bathroom (2 sink faucets, the toilet, 2 bathtub faucets, the shower line).
  • Blow out the outside shower (remove the shower head).
  • Open the kitchen cold tap and run the trailer’s water pump briefly (to eliminate any water in the pump).
  • Turn the RV pump off, and blow out the kitchen cold tap line again using the compressor.
  • Disconnect the compressor.
  • Drain the ‘low point’ valve, leaving the cap off (store in nearby storage compartment).
  • Drain the red and blue low point valves that are nearby, leaving the caps off (store the caps in the nearby storage compartment).
  • Empty the grey and black tanks, then close them up again.
  • Put some antifreeze in each drain, including the kitchen (two sinks), bathroom sink, and shower.  This is to keep the U-necks from cracking.  This will also put a small amount of antifreeze in the two grey tanks and the black tank).
  • Leave the fridge door and freezer door open during the winter.
  • Bleed residual propane out of the lines by closing the tank valves and then lighting the stove.  Let the flames die as the propane is evacuated.
  • Disconnect the batteries.
  • Leave all taps and faucets and spigots open during the winter.

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