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visitor (visitors’ centers and historic sites ** )

 Visitors’ Centers and Historic Sites of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints

                                Visitors' Centers
               Visitors' Center name                         Location
            * Hill Cumorah Visitors' Center                  Palmyra, New York
            * Historic Kirtland Visitors' Center             Kirtland, Ohio
            * Historic Nauvoo Visitors' Center               Nauvoo, Illinois
            * Idaho Falls Temple Visitors' Center            Idaho Falls, Idaho
            * Independence Visitors' Center                  Independence, Missouri
            * Laie Hawaii Temple Visitors' Center            Laie, Hawaii
            * Los Angeles Temple Visitors' Center            Los Angeles, California
            * Mesa Arizona Temple Visitor's Center           Mesa, Arizona
            * Mexico City Temple Visitor's Center            Mexico, D.F., Mexico
            * New Zealand Temple Visitors' Center            Hamilton, New Zealand  (to close July 2018)
            * Oakland California Temple Visitors' Center     Oakland, California
            * Park City Family Tree Visitors' Center         Park City, Utah
            * St. George Utah Temple Visitors' Center        St. George, Utah
            * Temple Square Visitors' Center                 Salt Lake City, Utah
            * Washington D.C. Temple Visitors' Center        Washington, D.C.  
                                  Historic Sites
              Historic site name                             Location
            * Carthage Jail                                  Carthage, Illinois
            * Cove Fort Historic Site                        Cove Fort, Utah
            * Far West Historic Site                         Far West, Missouri
            * Historic Johnson Farm                          Hiram, Ohio
            * Joseph Smith Birthplace                        Royalton, Vermont
            * Kanesville Tabernacle                          Council Bluffs, Iowa
            * Kirtland historical sites                      Kirtland, Ohio
                            Isaac Morley home
                            Visitors' Center  
                            John Johnson inn
                            Newell Whitney store
                            Newell Whitney home  
                            Saw mill  
                            School house
           * Liberty Jail                                   Liberty, Missouri
           * Mormon Handcart Visitors' Center               Alcova, Wyoming
           * Mormon Trail Center                            Omaha, Nebraska
           * Nauvoo historical sites                        Nauvoo, Illinois  
                         Brigham Young home        Cultural Hall
                            Heber C Kimball home      John Taylor home
                            Land & Records office     Jonathan Browning gun shop
                            Lucy Mack Smith home      Lyon Drug & Variety
                        Nauvoo Temple             Nauvoo Visitors' Center
                            Pendleton log home        Printing office
                            Riser home & boot shop    Sarah Granger Kimball home
                            Scovil bakery             Seventies Hall
                            Webb blacksmith shop      Stoddard home and tin shop
                            Wilford Woodruff home
            * Palmyra historical sites                        Palmyra, New York
                         Martin Harris farm        Book of Mormon printing, Grandin press
                            Sacred Grove              Smith family farm
                            Palmyra Temple            Smith family home
                            Peter Whitmer farm
          * Peter Whitmer farm                               Waterloo, New York   
          * Pine Valley Chapel                               Central, Utah
          * San Diego Mormon Battalion site                  San Diego, California
          * Salt Lake City historical sites                  Salt Lake City, Utah
                           Assembly Hall             Brigham Young monument
                           Eagle Gate                Deuel log home
                           Mormon Pioneer memorial   Salt Lake Temple
                           Temple Square             Seagull Monument
                           Mormon Tabernacle         Social Hall Heritage museum
                           Beehive House             Lion House
                           Church Headquarters Bldg
          * St. George historical sites                      St. George, Utah
                           St. George Tabernacle     Brigham Young winter home
                           Jacob Hamblin home        St. George Temple

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