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Timing of the crucifixion of Christ — Section 55

A discrepancy between the timing of Christ’s crucifixion as recorded in the Bible and the Book of Mormon

Representative of a Christian church:
There is a definite contradiction as to the time of the crucifixion between the Bible and the Book of Mormon.  The Bible, in Luke 23:44, places the crucifixion between the 6th (noon) and 9th hours (3 pm).  The Book of Mormon, however, places it “in the morning” (3 Nephi 10:9).  How could the timing be different regarding the crucifixion if God himself gave the sign to the inhabitants of the American Continent?

Missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:
Actually, the answer to your question is a testimony of the authenticity and truth of the Book of Mormon.  In the Book of Mormon, the writer was writing in the northwestern part of present day South America, and Luke was writing in Jerusalem.  These two locations are approximately 6000 miles apart, running east and west.  On a time scale, 3 pm in Jerusalem would be 7:30 am in the area of America just described.  Thus, you can see, although Joseph Smith or the writers on the American continent would not have recognized this little discrepancy.  The Lord inspired these men to write the truth as they knew it, and gave gave a strong stamp of authenticity to the Book of Mormon.

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