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trialchain2 (TC2 ** )

Breath vs. Spirit   (TC2, B3)

Are the words ‘breath’ and ‘spirit’ interchangeable in the scriptures?  Does man not possess a ‘spirit’, but merely ‘breath’?

  • (-) Genesis 2:7  (B3)  Man became a living soul after receiving the breath of life
  • (+) Isaiah 42:5  (B911)   A distinction is drawn between breath and spirit
  • (+) Zechariah 12:1  (B1177)   The spirit is FORMED within man
  • (+) John 4:24  (B1331)   God is breath?  No, God has a spirit!
  • (+) 1 Corinthians 2:9-15  (B1440)   Breath searches all things?  No, the spirit searches all things.
  • (+) John 3:7-8  (B1328)  Born of the Spirit

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