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trailerwinterizing (Winterizing ** )

Winterizing our 2017 Keystone Cougar trailer

Winterizing procedure for our travel trailer:
  • Buy two large containers of RV winterizing solution
  • Hook up to electricity or charge up the batteries (to run the pump)
  • Empty the water heater by taking out the long plug, and then leave the plug in the same compartment
  • In the kitchen behind the sink, bypass the water heater by flipping a switch
  • Drain the water storage tank from under the trailer
  • Drain the black water containers and the grey water container
  • Uncover the pump system in the bedroom by propping up the bed and sliding out the carpeted piece
  • Take the water line off of the pump that comes from the water storage tank
  • Use the winterizing tube to connect to the pump and put the end of the tube in a container of antifreeze
  • Run all of the faucets in the trailer until pink solution comes out (kitchen sink x 2, bathroom sink x 2, shower, toilet, outside shower
  • Disconnect the water pump tube from the pump, but leave the tube from the storage tank unconnected
  • Pour the leftover antifreeze into the sinks, toilet, and shower

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