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Important general information concerning our 2017 Keystone Cougar trailer

Important general information concerning the trailer.  Review frequently!

  • When planning trips that include other family members, simply make the basic plans  and then inform others.  Don’t offer to or try to make arrangements or reservations for others.  Families and individuals need to make their own arrangements.
  • Arrange my work schedule so that I am NOT #1 the day before we are to leave.
  • The ‘Galley’ light on the control panel in the trailer is the gray tank for the kitchen sink.  It has its own gray waste disposal handle on the outside of the trailer.
  • I need to find a good RV service center in Utah County.  Driving to Camping World is a hassle.
  • There are TWO gray tanks and ONE black tank to empty.
  • Use the trailer ladder to check the roof of the slide out before retracting the slide out.
  • Always put the water pressure control device at the tap in the RV park, not next to the trailer.  This protects the trailer better and avoids the leakage problem near the trailer.
  • Be sure to use a water pressure control device at the tap when using the San-T-Flush system.
  • Keep the trailer brake gain at about 5.5 or 6 and do not use the manual control except when absolutely necessary.
  • Be sure to check the following things inside the trailer before starting a trip:
    • Latch the shower door
    • Snap the bedroom/bathroom door in place
    • Make sure the two refrigerator doors are firmly snapped shut
    • Close bathroom and bedroom ceiling vents
    • Close all windows
    • Retract the window shades in the kitchen area so that they do not rattle during travel
  • Fix a foam pad to fit in the tabletop bed space, making the pads secure.
  • Practice my kitchen table fold-up procedure every week.

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