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trailerdewinterizing (Dewinterizing ** )

De-winterizing our 2017 Keystone Cougar trailer

De-winterizing procedure for our travel trailer:
  1. Items 2 and 3 are only applicable if you are not using the main water pressure system to de-winterize.  If using the pressurized hose system, go to #4.
  2. Turn the fresh water drain valve to the OFF position.
  3. Fill the fresh water tank about one-quarter full.
  4. Plug the pressurized-side water line into the water pump in the bedroom.
  5. Hook the trailer up to a pressurized water source.
  6. Put the hot water heater plug in the water heater and tighten it.
  7. Turn the water pump on on the control panel near the refrigerator.
  8. Turn on the various water taps and flush the lines until the pink coloration of the anti-freeze goes away. Do this in the kitchen, the bathroom (sink, tub, toilet), the outside shower head.
  9. Turn the water heater bypass valve so that water goes into the water heater. The pump should turn on and the heater should fill.
  10. Drain the extra water out of the fresh water storage tank if desired.

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