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Information about the Snowflake Arizona Temple

The Snowflake Arizona Temple is a sister temple to the Winter Quarters Nebraska Temple, both having been built from the same core structural plan.  The same core plan was also used for the Quetzaltenango Guatemala Temple, with some exterior modifications.  The town of Snowflake was named after its founder, William J. Flake, and after the apostle with charge over the colonization of Arizona, Apostles Erastus Snow, who visited the settlement a few months after Brother Flake arrived.  Hence, the name ‘SNOWFLAKE’.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Snowflake Arizona Temple was held on September 23, 2000.  President Stephen Reidhead  of the Snowflake Arizona Stake related the history of the early pioneers who settled the area, dreaming that a temple would be built there one day.  Elder Rex D. Pinegar of the Seventy, who presided at the ceremony, said the temple was the most sacred place on earth.  He encouraged members to dissolve any feelings that drew them apart and together in the temple united, with no differences existing.

In March 2017, the Angel Moroni statue atop the Snowflake Arizona Temple was replaced.  The original statue had faced east, looking over the rear side of the building.  The new statue was installed facing west, looking over the temple entrance.

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