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Information about the St. George Utah Temple

Interesting facts about the St. George Utah Temple, which was rededicated in December of 2023.  These facts were presented by Deseret News.

  • The initial tower of the temple was shorter than at present.  It was originally shortened so as to lessen the construction time, hoping that President Brigham Young would be able to attend the dedication.  The tower is now taller.
  • Most temples have stained glass windows, but this temple has clear windows.  The early builders wanted more light in the temple.  There is now one stained glass window in the temple, that being found in the ‘Bride’s Room’.
  • The chandeliers in the temple are symbolic of our journey back to the Savior.  In the lower areas of the temple, they are black in color.  Further on, they have gold and silver, and ultimately, in the Celestial Room, the chandelier is of crystal.
  • The oxen which support the baptismal font are the original statues placed in the first temple.  They weigh over 5,000 pounds.
  • We no longer progress from room to room during an endowment session, but the endowment rooms in the rededicated temple are still painted as a creation room, a garden room, and a room representing our present earth.
  • There is a peacock, a bear, and a whale subtlety painted into the endowment room walls.
  • The murals in the chapel room are re-creations of the murals in the Salt Lake Temple.
  • The famous painting of the Founding Fathers appearing to Wilford Woodruff is now found in a foyer near the elevator.
  • The upper floor priesthood meeting room is fully restored, with pews for seating.

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