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temple1 (temples dedicated by authorities ** )

                 Numbers of temples dedicated by General Authorities of the Church

                                                       Authority           Number Dedicated
                                                  Gordon B Hinckley              85
                                           Thomas S Monson                21
                                                  Dieter F Uchtdorf              11
                                                  Henry B Eyring                  9                                                  
                                                  James E Faust                   7 
                                                  David A Bednar                  5                                                  
                                                  David O McKay                   5 
                                                  D Todd Christoffersen           4  
                                                  Spencer W Kimball               4 
                                                  Dallin H Oaks                   4 
                                                  Neil L Andersen                 3 
                                                  Gerrit W Gong                   3             
                                                  Heber J Grant                   3
                                                  Russell M Nelson                3
                                                  Dale G Renlund                  3  
                                                  Ulisses Soares                  3 
                                                  Gary E Stevenson                3         
                                                  Ezra Taft Benson                2 
                                                  Quentin L Cook                  2
                                                  Howard W Hunter                 2   
                                                  Boyd K Packer                   2
                                                  Ronald A Rasband                2   
                                                  Joseph Fielding Smith           2 
                                                  Wilford Woodruff                2
                                                  M Russell Ballard               1                                                          
                                                  Orson Hyde                      1   
                                                  Marion G Romney                 1   
                                                  George Albert Smith             1
                                                  Joseph Smith                    1
                                                  John Taylor                     1
                                                  Daniel H Wells                  1

                                                       Total                     197         


  • The Kirtland Temple (dedicated by Joseph Smith) and the original Nauvoo Temple (dedicated by Orson Hyde) are no longer functioning as temples.
  • Four former presidents of the Church did not have the opportunity to dedicate a temple during their ministry.  Those presidents are Brigham Young, Lorenzo Snow, Joseph F. Smith, and Harold B. Lee.
  • With the 13 temples that President Gordon B. Hinckley RE-dedicated, he participated in the dedication and/or re-dedication of 98 of our latter-day temples!
  • President Thomas S. Monson dedicated 7 temples before being sustained as the President of the Church.
  • The Rexburg Idaho Temple was the first temple President Monson dedicated as President of the Church (February 10, 2008).
  • The entire First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles gathered for the dedication of the Rome Italy Temple.  This is the first time that all 15 apostles have been in one place together outside of the United States.
  • Several temple dedicatory prayers have been given in a language other than English.  These non-English dedicatory prayers include the dedication of the Freiberg Germany Temple by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf (given in German),  the dedicatory prayer for the Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple by Elder Dale G. Renlund (given in French), the dedicatory prayer given at the Fortaleza Brazil Temple by Elder Ulisses Soares (given in Portuguese), and the prayer at the San Juan Puerto Rico Temple by Elder D. Todd Christoffersen, offered in Spanish.
  • The dedication of the Fortaleza Brazil Temple was historic in that all three dedicatory sessions were done completely in Portuguese — all talks, all hymns, all prayers as well as the dedicatory prayers and Hosanna Shout.  No side-by-side translation was done at this dedication.  The dedication of this temple by Elder Soares marks the first time that an apostle from outside of the United States dedicated a temple in his home country.
  • Interestingly, Elder Dale G. Renlund dedicated two temples that are located very near some of the largest rivers in the world.  The Kinshasa Congo Temple is near the Congo River, and the Belém Brazil Temple is near the Amazon River.
  • The last addition to this page was the dedication of the Layton Utah Temple (#195) by Elder David A. Bednar on June 16, 2024.

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