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temple1 (temples dedicated by authorities) *

                 Numbers of temples dedicated by Church authorities

                                                       Authority           Number Dedicated
                                                  Gordon B Hinckley              85
                                           Thomas S Monson                21
                                                  Dieter F Uchtdorf              10
                                                  James E Faust                   7
                                                  Henry B Eyring                  7
                                                  David O McKay                   5   
                                                  Spencer W Kimball               4  
                                                  Heber J Grant                   3
                                                  Russell M Nelson                3   
                                                  Wilford Woodruff                2   
                                                  Joseph Fielding Smith           2
                                                  Ezra Taft Benson                2   
                                                  Howard W Hunter                 2   
                                           Dallin H Oaks                   2   
                                                  Boyd K Packer                   2   
                                                  Joseph Smith                    1    
                                                  Orson Hyde                      1    
                                                  Daniel H Wells                  1    
                                                  John Taylor                     1   
                                                  George Albert Smith             1   
                                                  Marion G Romney                 1   
                                                  David A Bednar                  1   
                                                       Total                     164         


1/ The Kirtland Temple (dedicated by Joseph Smith) and the original Nauvoo Temple (dedicated by Orson Hyde) are no longer functioning as temples.
2/ With the 13 temples that President Gordon B. Hinckley RE-dedicated, he participated in the dedication and/or re-dedication of 98 of our  latter-day temples!
3/ President Thomas S. Monson dedicated 7 temples before being sustained as the President of the Church. 
4/ The Rexburg Idaho Temple was the first temple President Monson dedicated as President of the Church (February 10, 2008).
5/ The entire First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles gathered for the dedication of the Rome Italy Temple.
6/ The last change made to this page: dedication of the Rome Italy Temple (#162) on March 10, 2019 by President Russell M. Nelson.

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