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Scripture Commentary — Matthew 14:22-33

Matthew 14:22-33 — Jesus and Peter walk on water

  • Verse 24
    • “…tossed with waves…” — The Sea of Galilee is known for its sudden, violent storms.  In Mark 6:48, it says that Jesus saw his disciples struggling at their oars.  He also sees us when we are struggling at our ‘oars’, and is ready to come and rescue.
  • Verse 25
    • “…the fourth watch…” — This would be between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m.  Jesus had prayed a long time during the night.  How did Jesus find them on the sea?  Why didn’t he have them wait for Him while He prayed?  It would have been very dark and black out on the sea in the middle of the night.
  • Verse 26
    • He allowed them to struggle until 3 a.m. and THEN came.  He didn’t rebuke the storm immediately.  He expects us to shoulder our burdens and do what we can to conquer our challenges.  When battling our challenges, is help ever considered ‘troubling’?
  • Verse 27
    • “…it is I…” — As we toil through our struggles with faith, we will ultimately hear “Be not afraid, it is I…”.
    • “…be of good cheer…” — Really?  What about the storm and the waves?  Their lives were being threatened.
  • Verse 28
    • “…if it be thou…” — What if the Lord had responded, “It is I, yes, but you should just stay in the boat – it is dangerous out here on the water!”  The Lord allows us to get out of our comfort zones.  In fact, He probably hopes we will attempt to do hard things.  He will always sustain us if we make the attempt.  Was Peter being brash or fool-hardy?
  • Verse 29
    • At least for a few steps, Peter actually walked on water!  How was this possible?  Peter’s faith + Jesus’ power made it possible.  Elder Bednar reminds us to act, not just to be acted upon.
  • Verse 30
    • “…little faith…” — Didn’t it take great faith to step out of the boat?
    • “…stretched forth His hand…” — Picture Jesus and Peter walking together back to the boat, hand-in-hand!  Will He take our hands as well?  With He walk with us hand-in-hand?  Will He walk through storms with us?
  • Verse 32
    • Notice that the storm did not cease until after they were in the boat!  Peter, you did it!
  • Verse 33
    • “…they that were in the ship…” — How would you feel if you were one who stayed in the safety of the boat?  Would you sense a lost opportunity?  Lost opportunities can haunt us.
    • “Thou art the Son of God…” — Did they say this only because they had witnessed a miracle?  Miracles don’t truly convert!
  • Lessons to be learned–
    • Have faith, don’t stay in the boat, take His hand, miracles don’t convert!

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