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scripturesgenesis22 (Abraham offers Isaac ** )

Scripture Commentary — Genesis 22:1-19

Abraham is willing to sacrifice Isaac to the Lord

Genesis 22:1-19

  • Verse 1
    • “..tempt” is not accurate.  Try or test or prove would be more appropriate.
    • “ I am”  — I am ready, I am willing, I am prepared,  I am in Thy service.
  • Verse 2
    • “thy son” — not just any son, but your “only son”, the only son whom you love!  Notice that there is no word of questioning, complaint, hesitancy, annoyance, disbelief, etc.  He is obedient!
  • Verse 3
    • “rose up early” — perhaps after a sleepless night, or perhaps due to a “…go and do…” attitude?
  • Verse 4
    • “…saw the place” — during the trip, he received inspiration about the site (see verse 2, “which I will tell thee of”).  Despite his deep anguish, he maintained his relationship  with God!  He harbored no resentment.
  • Verse 5
    • “worship” — Remarkably, he considered the offering of his only son to be a form of worship!
    • “..and come again” — Abraham wouldn’t lie, inferring that he AND Isaac would return.  Did he have an intuition that Isaac would be spared?
  • Verse 6
    • “laid the wood on Isaac” — Isaac carried his wood as Jesus carried his wood (cross).
  • Verse 8
    • “God will provide” — Isaac showed great faith.  He didn’t question his father.
    • “himself” — The sacrifice focuses on God!  God will provide so we can worship Him.
  • Verse 9
    • “had told him of” — Once again, ongoing revelation and love in the most trying of circumstances.
    • “laid wood in order” — Can we imagine how painful that process was, and how long it took?
    • “laid him” — No complaint or protest from Isaac.  What incredible faith and devotion was evident.  He had asked about the lamb, and now must have realized that he was to be the ‘lamb’.
  • Verse 11
    • “Here am I” — This is the third time Abraham makes this same statement (see also verses 1 and 7).   His response is always the same,despite the trial.  He is consistent and unflappable.
  • Verse 12
    • “for now I know” — You have now demonstrated your total obedience, you are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.  The angel could not have called off the act at any time prior to Abraham actually raising the knife!
  • Verse 13
    • “in the stead of his son” — Isaac was spared, Jesus was not.  Abraham rejoiced, the Father wept.


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