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Scripture Commentary — Ether 13:1-8

Ether 3:1-8 — A very unique prayer, offered by Mahonri Moriancumr

  • Three times Mahonri declares his sinful state.  The Lord, however, is always very aware of our ‘sinful states’, so why should we declare it unto Him?  To show our humility before Him.
  • Three times Mahonri declares the Lord’s greatness and goodness.  The Lord is very aware of His greatness, so why should we declare it unto Him?  To show our gratitude for the goodness He showers upon us.
  • What if Mahonri had just said, “Touch these stones”, without offering the preliminary prayer?  Mahonri had obviously “studied it out” or given great attention to this prayer, and he offered it “with a sincere heart” and with “real intent”.
  • It is interesting that in verse 4 Mahonri asks the Lord to touch the stones he has prepared, and in verse 6 the Lord does just that, we no verbal response to Mahonri’s pleading.
  • This prayer is offered to Jesus, a unique situation.
  • In verse 8, Mahonri feared that the Lord would “smite” him.  He perhaps would be smitten by or to the Lord’s glory, not because of anger on the Lord’s part.  See Moses 1:11.
  • The light that emanated from the stones was very symbolic of the Light of the Lord.
  • Mahonri’s prayer:
    • —  Trouble ahead
    • —  Don’t be angry
    • —  I am weak
    • ++  Thou art holy
    • ++  Live in heaven
    • —  I am unworthy
    • —  I am fallen
    • —  Evil continually
    • ++  Pray
    • ++  Prayers are answered
    • ++  Righteous desires
    • —  Smite us
    • —  We are sinners
    • —  We have been driven out
    • —  We are vagabonds
    • ++  Show mercy
    • ++  Have pity
    • ++  Turn away thine anger
    • ++  Grant us ‘light’
    • ++  Look at the stones I have crafted
    • ++  Thou hast all power
    • ++  Thou art omniscient

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