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Quizzes about persons and personalities in the early history of

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Some of these questions were drawn from the scripture game ‘Jots and Tittles’, published by Deseret Book

  1. Joseph Smith’s son, Alexander Hale Smith, was named after which friend of Joseph the Prophet?  Answer:  Alexander W. Doniphan
  2. While in Indiana with Newel Whitney, waiting for Newel’s broken leg to heal, what happened to Joseph Smith?  Answer: He was poisoned, and he vomited so violently that he dislocated his jaw.
  3. What effect did the tarring and feathering suffered by Sidney Rigdon have on him?  Answer: He was delirious for several days.
  4. What church leader delivered the famous ‘Salt Sermon’, based on Matthew 5:13?  Answer: Sidney Rigdon
  5. The Saints formed the “armies of Israel”, two armed units organized to defend the Saints.  What two generals led them?  Answer: General Doniphan and General Parks
  6. In September 1838, what man started writing as Joseph Smith’s scribe?  Answer: James Mulholland
  7. Under what two men did Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon study law?  Answer: General Doniphan and General Atchison
  8. The speaking in tongues by what man is recorded by Joseph Smith as the first time he heard the gift of tongues in the Church?  Answer: Brigham Young
  9. Who saw, with Joseph Smith, the vision of the three degrees of glory?  Answer: Sidney Rigdon
  10. In trying to defend Joseph Smith during a tarring and feathering, what injury did John Jonson, Sr., suffer?  Answer: A broken collarbone.
  11. Newel Whitney administered to Joseph Smith after he was poisoned in Indiana.  Joseph was healed but suffered what consequence?  Answer: He lost much of his hair.
  12. In November 1833, what man was mortally wounded and lay dying until he was healed through administration by Newel Knight?  Answer: Philo Dibble.
  13. In 1833, to what governor of Missouri did the Saints send letters and petitions for help against the mob?  Answer: Governor Dunklin.
  14. Joseph Smith’s youngest brother, Don Carlos, lived with Joseph in Kirtland to learn what trade?  Answer: Printing.
  15. What man attended a meeting held in New York by Zera Pulsipher and a companion, stood, bore testimony and was converted?  Answer:  Wilford Woodruff.
  16. When W. W. Phelps’s printing establishment was destroyed, what two men were tarred and feathered?  Answer: Bishop Edward Partridge and Charles Allen.
  17. What Church member sang a son in tongues about the tribulations of the Nephites?  Answer: W. W. Phelps.
  18. To what man did Joseph Smith begin dictating what would become his six-volume history of the Church?  Answer: James Mulholland.
  19. Joseph Smith transferred his shares in the Kirtland Safety Society to what man who did his best to satisfy all debts?  Answer: Oliver Granger.
  20. What was the name of Joseph Smith’s horse?  Answer: Old Charley.
  21. Into whose home did Joseph and Emma smith move upon their arrival in Far West?  Answer: The home of George Harris.
  22. What man served as the first stake president in Far West?  Answer: Thomas B. Marsh.
  23. When Heber C. Kimball and Orson Hyde left England for America in 1830, what man was left as mission president?  Answer: Joseph Fielding.
  24. While Joseph Smith was on a mission in Michigan in 1837, some members of the Twelve proposed replacing him with whom as prophet?  Answer: David Whitmer.
  25. On the morning of the first baptisms in England, what three elders had a terrible experience with evil spirits?  Answer: Isaac Russell, Orson Hyde, and Heber C. Kimball.
  26. Who was the first editor of the Elder’s Journal Answer: Joseph Smith.
  27. What woman, wife of Dr. Willard Richards, was the first person confirmed in England?  Answer: Jennetta Richards.
  28. Who was the first non-American all-American basketball player?  Answer: Kresimir Cosic, who played for Brigham Young University.
  29. H. N. Hawes taught what languages at the Kirtland High School?  Answer: Greek and Latin.
  30. Samuel D. Rounds swore a writ against Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon charging them with what?  Answer: Banking without legal authority.
  31. Who entered the room during Joseph Smith’s ordaining of Heber C. Kimball to preside over the mission in England and asked to be sent also?  Answer: Orson Hyde.
  32. What relative of Joseph Smith’s died of cholera in Zion’s Camp?  Answer: His young cousin, Jesse J. Smith.
  33. Who was called as the president of the second stake of the Church?  Answer: David Whitmer.
  34. Who accused Joseph Smith of being a “Tyrant-Pope-King-Usurper-False Prophet” during the Zion’s Camp march?  Answer:  Sylvester Smith.

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