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Quizzes about persons and personalities in the early history of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Some of these questions were drawn from the scripture game ‘Jots and Tittles’, published by Deseret Book.            Click here to return to the Quiz menu

  1. Joseph Smith’s son, Alexander Hale Smith, was named after which friend of Joseph the Prophet?  Answer:  Alexander W. Doniphan
  2. While in Indiana with Newel Whitney, waiting for Newel’s broken leg to heal, what happened to Joseph Smith?  Answer: He was poisoned, and he vomited so violently that he dislocated his jaw.
  3. Name seven various locations where the Prophet Joseph Smith spent a Christmas day.  Answer: 1) Sharon, Windsor County, Vermont in 1805  2) Joseph Smith Sr. home in Palmyra, New York for many years  3) Newell K. Whitney store in Kirtland, Ohio in 1832  4) Joseph Smith home in Kirtland, Ohio in 1835  5) Liberty Jail in Liberty, Missouri in 1838  6) Hiram Kimball home in Nauvoo, Illinois in 1842  7) The Manion House in Nauvoo, Illinois in 1843.
  4. What effect did the tarring and feathering suffered by Sidney Rigdon have on him?  Answer: He was delirious for several days.
  5. What church leader delivered the famous ‘Salt Sermon’, based on Matthew 5:13?  Answer: Sidney Rigdon
  6. The Saints formed the “armies of Israel”, two armed units organized to defend the Saints.  What two generals led them?  Answer: General Doniphan and General Parks
  7. In September 1838, what man started writing as Joseph Smith’s scribe?  Answer: James Mulholland
  8. Under what two men did Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon study law?  Answer: General Doniphan and General Atchison
  9. The speaking in tongues by what man is recorded by Joseph Smith as the first time he heard the gift of tongues in the Church?  Answer: Brigham Young
  10. Who saw, with Joseph Smith, the vision of the three degrees of glory?  Answer: Sidney Rigdon
  11. In trying to defend Joseph Smith during a tarring and feathering, what injury did John Jonson, Sr., suffer?  Answer: A broken collarbone.
  12. Newel Whitney administered to Joseph Smith after he was poisoned in Indiana.  Joseph was healed but suffered what consequence?  Answer: He lost much of his hair.
  13. In November 1833, what man was mortally wounded and lay dying until he was healed through administration by Newel Knight?  Answer: Philo Dibble.
  14. In 1833, to what governor of Missouri did the Saints send letters and petitions for help against the mob?  Answer: Governor Dunklin.
  15. Joseph Smith’s youngest brother, Don Carlos, lived with Joseph in Kirtland to learn what trade?  Answer: Printing.
  16. What man attended a meeting held in New York by Zera Pulsipher and a companion, stood, bore testimony and was converted?  Answer:  Wilford Woodruff.
  17. When W. W. Phelps’s printing establishment was destroyed, what two men were tarred and feathered?  Answer: Bishop Edward Partridge and Charles Allen.
  18. What Church member sang a son in tongues about the tribulations of the Nephites?  Answer: W. W. Phelps.
  19. To what man did Joseph Smith begin dictating what would become his six-volume history of the Church?  Answer: James Mulholland.
  20. Joseph Smith transferred his shares in the Kirtland Safety Society to what man who did his best to satisfy all debts?  Answer: Oliver Granger.
  21. What was the name of Joseph Smith’s horse?  Answer: Old Charley.
  22. Into whose home did Joseph and Emma smith move upon their arrival in Far West?  Answer: The home of George Harris.
  23. What man served as the first stake president in Far West?  Answer: Thomas B. Marsh.
  24. When Heber C. Kimball and Orson Hyde left England for America in 1830, what man was left as mission president?  Answer: Joseph Fielding.
  25. While Joseph Smith was on a mission in Michigan in 1837, some members of the Twelve proposed replacing him with whom as prophet?  Answer: David Whitmer.
  26. On the morning of the first baptisms in England, what three elders had a terrible experience with evil spirits?  Answer: Isaac Russell, Orson Hyde, and Heber C. Kimball.
  27. Who was the first editor of the Elder’s Journal Answer: Joseph Smith.
  28. What woman, wife of Dr. Willard Richards, was the first person confirmed in England?  Answer: Jennetta Richards.
  29. Who was the first non-American all-American basketball player?  Answer: Kresimir Cosic, who played for Brigham Young University.
  30. H. N. Hawes taught what languages at the Kirtland High School?  Answer: Greek and Latin.
  31. Samuel D. Rounds swore a writ against Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon charging them with what?  Answer: Banking without legal authority.
  32. Who entered the room during Joseph Smith’s ordaining of Heber C. Kimball to preside over the mission in England and asked to be sent also?  Answer: Orson Hyde.
  33. What relative of Joseph Smith’s died of cholera in Zion’s Camp?  Answer: His young cousin, Jesse J. Smith.
  34. Who was called as the president of the second stake of the Church?  Answer: David Whitmer.
  35. Who accused Joseph Smith of being a “Tyrant-Pope-King-Usurper-False Prophet” during the Zion’s Camp march?  Answer:  Sylvester Smith.
  36. What man was bitten and poisoned in Zion’s Camp when he boasted that he could handle snakes without fear?  Answer: Martin Harris.
  37. What colonel asked Zion’s Camp why they had come to Missouri and after hearing Joseph Smith’s speech offered his help?  Answer: Colonel Sconce.
  38. Who was the first person not a member of Zion’s Camp to whom Joseph Smith revealed his identity?  Answer: Cornelius Gillium, sheriff of Clay County.
  39. What did Joseph and Emma Smith name the twins they adopted?  Answer: Joseph and Julia.
  40. Ezra Booth and the John John Johnson family were converted by what miracle performed by Joseph Smith? Answer: The healing of Mrs. Johnson’s lame arm.
  41. Who dedicated the land of Missouri for the gathering of Zion?  Answer: Sidney Rigdon.
  42. Who was the first member of the Church to pass away, with Doctrine and Covenants 59 being given on the day of her funeral?  Answer: Polly Knight, wife of Joseph Knight, Senior.
  43. Who published favorable articles about the Church and was called by Joseph Smith ‘a high minded an honorable editor’?  Answer: James Gordon Bennett, one of the 19th century’s most successful publishers.
  44. Who was instructed to buy a press and type for printing of The Evening and the Morning StarAnswer: W. W. Phelps.
  45. When Orson Hyde was baptized, he was working as a clerk in what store? Answer: The Gilbert and Whitney Store.
  46. After the revelation contained in Doctrine and Covenants 67 was received, who tried to write a revelation of his own but failed?  Answer: William McLellin.
  47. What disciple of Sidney Rigdon preached against the Book of Mormon for about a year before being baptized in October 1831?  Answer: Orson Hyde.
  48. What was Edward Partridge’s profession?  Answer: Hatter.
  49. How did Joseph Smith recognize Newel Whitney right away, although they had never met previously?  Answer: Joseph had seen Newel in a vision.
  50. What sect did Leman Copley belong to before joining the Church of Jesus Christ?  Answer: The Shaking Quakers.
  51. On June 28, 1830, what member of the Prophet Joseph’s family was baptized?  Answer:  His wife Emma.
  52. Who wrote to Joseph Smith to tell him that Doctrine and Covenants 20:37 was in error and demanded that he change it?  Answer: Oliver Cowdery.
  53. Three months after his baptism, Newel Knight visited Joseph Smith for what purpose?  Answer: To be confirmed and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
  54. When Joseph Smith, Sr. was put in prison for a debt to a Quaker, the man offered to forgive Joseph if he would do what?  Answer:  Renounce and denounce the Book of Mormon.  Joseph refused to do so.
  55. Parley Parker Pratt, before his conversion to the Gospel, was a follower of what Campbellite preacher?  Answer: Sidney Rigdon.
  56. After being converted by them, who joined Oliver Cowdery and Peter Whitmer on their mission to the Campbellites?  Answer: Frederick G. Williams.
  57. What man took the first 64 printed pages of the Book of Mormon to Canada to prepare the people for its coming?  Answer: Solomon Chamberlain.
  58. Why did Abner Cole begin publication of The ReflectorAnswer: To fight against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  59. On March 29, 1830, Hyrum and Samuel Smith were disfellowshipped from the local Presbyterian church for what reason?  Answer: Non-attendance (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was about to be organized).
  60. What future bodyguard of Joseph Smith was baptized on the day the Church was organized?  Answer: Orrin Porter Rockwell.
  61. W. W. Phelps was put into prison by Presbyterian tradesmen to prevent him from doing what?  Answer: Joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  62. What relative of Emma Smith helped her as scribe to Joseph Smith?  Answer: Her brother Reuben.
  63. What was Joseph Smith’s first title in the Church?  Answer: First Elder of the Church.
  64. What was Oliver Cowdery’s first title in the Church?  Answer: Second Elder of the Church.
  65. What miracle occurred at David Whitmer’s home just before he left to bring Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery there?  Answer: His fields were plowed during the night.
  66. What were the first two members of the Smith family to be baptized after Joseph Smith, Jr. ?  Answer: Samuel Smith and Hyrum Smith (brothers of Joseph).
  67. Who was the first president of the Church to visit Europe as President of the Church?  Answer: President Joseph F. Smith.
  68. Why was there no public funeral for President Joseph F. Smith?  Answer: Salt Lake City was under quarantine due to the Spanish flu epidemic.
  69. The father of whcih president of the Church died when the boy was only nine days old?  Answer:  President Heber J. Grant.
  70. When Heber J. Grant was a child, who prophesied in tongues that he would become an apostle?  Answer: Eliza R. Snow.
  71. Heber J. Grant’s first full-time mission for the Church was served in what country?  Answer: Japan.
  72. The 100th anniversary of the First Vision, visit of the Angel Moroni, and receiving of the plates came under what president?  Answer: Heber J. Grant.
  73. The first mission call of George Albert Smith was to build up what organization?  Answer: The Young Men’s Mutual Improvement Association.
  74. While George Albert Smith served as an apostle, he also served on the general board of what organization?  Answer: The Young Men’s Mutual Improvement Association.
  75. Who was called as president of the European Mission at the end of World War II?  Answer: George Albert Smith.
  76. George Albert Smith took the place of what apostle as president of the Quorum of the Twelve?  Answer: President Rudger Clawson.
  77. Who served as national vice-president general of the Sons of the American Revolution in 1926?  Answer: George Albert Smith.
  78. Under what president’s leadership were over 100 markers placed along pioneer trails from Nauvoo to the West?  Answer: George Albert Smith.
  79. In 1834, who was tried in a Church court for accusing Joseph Smith of not understanding the Book of Mormon and of wrestling too much?  Answer: Martin Harris.
  80. Who traveled in the Zion’s Camp march under the name of Squire Cook?  Answer: Joseph Smith.
  81. Joseph Smith, as a young boy, was recovering from what disease when his leg became infected?  Answer: Typhoid fever.
  82. The operation on Joseph Smith’s leg left him with what lifelong effect?  Answer:  A permanent limp.
  83. In the summer of 1816, Joseph Smith worked in the fields of what man for 50 cents a day?  Answer: Martin Harris.
  84. In the spring of 1820, Joseph Smith listened to a sermon by Reverend George Lane on what subject?  Answer: “What church shall I join?”
  85. What was the name of Joseph Smith’s youngest sister?  Answer: Lucy.
  86. Who was the youngest of the first group of converts baptized after the organization of the Church in 1830?  Answer: Orrin Porter Rockwell.
  87. What president of the Church visited Harry Truman to ask permission to send food and clothing to Europe after World War II?  Answer: George Albert Smith.
  88. The First Presidency called whom to go to the spiritual and physical aid of the European saints at the end of World War II?  Answer: Ezra Taft Benson.
  89. Mahonri M. Young spent eight years completing what monument?  Answer: The ‘This Is The Place’ monument.
  90. Whose marriage was the first of the twentieth century in the Salt Lake Temple?  Answer: David O. and Emma Ray Riggs McKay.
  91. In 1952, what president of the Church visited with Queen Juliana of the Netherlands?  Answer: David O. McKay.
  92. Of the first nine presidents of the Church, who was the only one who did not work in Europe while in the Quorum of Twelve Apostles?  Answer: Joseph F. Smith.
  93. What president of the Church introduced “every member a missionary” and “the golden questions”?  Answer: David O. McKay.
  94. Who was called as the first formal mission president of the Church?  Answer: Heber C. Kimball.
  95. What apostle served as clerk to United States Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren?  Answer: Dallin H. Oaks.
  96. In 1982, what Latter-day Saint was playing catcher for the Houston Astros?  Answer: Alan Ashly.
  97. The statue at the Peter Whitmer farm depicting the restoration of the Melchizedek Priesthood was sculpted by whom?  Answer: Trevor Southey.
  98. What Latter-day Saint discovered the absolute reaction rate formula?  Answer: Henry Eyring.
  99. Who did ‘Billboard Magazine’ vote best new group of the year in country music in 1982?  Answer: The Osmond Brothers.
  100. What Latter-day Saint caught more passes in the 1983 season than any other tight end in NFL history?  Answer: Todd Christensen.
  101. Who was named NFL all-pro tight end for the 1983-1984 season?  Answer: Todd Christensen.
  102. What singer brought his new bride to see the show at the Polynesian Cultural Center on their honeymoon?  Answer: Elvis Presley.
  103. In 1983, who was named president of the entire University of California system?  Answer: David Pierpont Gardner.
  104. What Brigham Young University football coach passed the 100-victory milestone in 12 seasons?  Answer: Lavell Edwards.
  105. The Queen of England has the original.  Steve Benson created it.  What is it?  Answer: A political cartoon depicting the queen’s visit to the stormy west coast.
  106. What member of the presidency of the First Quorum of Seventy worked on developing nuclear submarines?  Answer: Richard G. Scott.
  107. Who won the National League Cy Young Award in 1960?  Answer: Vernon Law.
  108. Latter-day Saint Leon Parson has been illustrator of 10 covers of what national sports magazine?  Answer: Outdoor Life.
  109. Dan Rona is the only licensed Latter-day Saint tour guide in what country?  Answer: Israel.
  110. What Latter-day Saint senator played an important role in defeating the Labor Law Reform Bill in 1978?  Answer: Orrin Hatch (Republican, Utah).
  111. Lisa and Alenia Hess are dancers with what company?  Answer: The New York City Ballet Company.
  112. How did Porter Rockwell sign his name?  Answer: With an “X” (he couldn’t write).
  113. What foundation produces the “Children’s Miracle Network Telethon”?  Answer: The Osmond Foundation.
  114. Who is the only Latter-day Saint ever to be commissioned to paint a member of the British royal family?  Answer: Arnold Friberg.
  115. What was the name of Martin Harris’ brother?  Answer: Preserved Harris.
  116. What was the name of Heber C. Kimball’s first wife?  Answer: Vilate Murray.
  117. Which counselor to presidents Heber J. Grant and Joseph F. Smith wrote a number of Church hymns?  Answer: Charles W. Penrose.
  118. Who wrote the hymn “Praise to the Man”?  Answer: William W. Phelps.
  119. Who baptized Parley P. Pratt?  Answer: Oliver Cowdery.
  120. Who was nominated for vice-president when Joseph Smith was nominated for president? Answer: Sidney Rigdon.
  121. How much older than Joseph Smith was his brother, Hyrum Smith?  Answer: Six years older.
  122. Who wrote the 6-volume work entitled ‘A Comprehensive History of the Church’Answer:  B. H. Roberts.
  123. Which brother of the prophet Joseph Smith was at one time excommunicated from the Church?  Answer: William Smith
  124. Who won the World Cup Women’s Freestyle Skiing Ballet Championship in 1979 and 1980?  Answer: Jan Bucher.
  125. Who was Henry Marsh’s roommate at the Montreal Olympics?  Answer: Bruce Jenner.
  126. Jay Silvester won the silver medal at the Munich Olympic games in 1972 in what event?  Answer: Discus throw.
  127. Who was the first native Utahn named to the United States Olympic basketball team?  Answer: Danny Vranes.
  128. Who was the first All-American gymnast at Brigham Young University?  Answer: Wayne Young.
  129. In 1964, what title did Larry Scott win?  Answer: Mr. Universe.
  130. At 16 years of age, who was the first Utahn named to the United States national gymnastic team?  Answer: Kim Taylor.
  131. What Latter-day Saint in 1982 was the only American to have ever beaten trackstar Suleiman Nyambui?  Answer: Doug Padilla.
  132. In 1982, what Latter-day Saint was made a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame?  Answer: Merlin Olsen.
  133. What Latter-day Saint was a regular on the television series ‘Little House on the Prairie’?  Answer: Merlin Olsen.
  134. What Latter-day Saint starred in ‘Father Murphy’, a hit television series?  Answer: Merlin Olsen.
  135. In 1976, what Latter-day Saint was the youngest golfer millionaire?  Answer: Johnny Miller.
  136. Who was Latter-day Saint Ken Shelley’s partner in pairs skating from 1966 to 1972?  Answer: Alicia “Jo Jo” Starbuck.
  137. What Latter-day Saint was the silver medalist in the women’s giant slalom at the 1984 Winter Olympics?  Answer: Jean Saubert.
  138. What Latter-day Saint was the first man ever to qualify for the United States Olympic team in 2 ice-skating events:  Answer: Ken Shelley.
  139. What Latter-day Saint held for 36 years the world’s record for the 220-yard dash on a curved track?  Answer: Creed Haymond (his record was broken by Jessie Owens).
  140. The license plate on what car reads ‘Utah – 10,000’?  Answer: The Mormon Meteor.
  141. What Latter-day Saint was Featherweight Boxing Champion of the World, 1976 to `1980?  Answer: Danny Lopez.
  142. What Latter-day Saint won the National Ski Hall of Fame Award in 1959?  Answer: Alf Engen.
  143. Latter-day Saint Kenneth Lundmark represented Sweden in the 1968 Olympics in what sport?  Answer: The high jump.
  144. For many years the YMMIA gave an award to the outstanding contributor to LDS athletics in honor of whom?  Answer: Homer “Pug” Warner
  145. George “Doc” Nelson wrestled “Big Jim” in 1913 and won.  Who was “Big Jim”?  Answer: A 480-pound wrestling bear.
  146. Who was light heavyweight wrestling champion of the world in 1923?  Answer: George “Doc” Nelson.
  147. Who was the first Latter-day Saint to break the 4-minute mile?  Answer: Wade Bell.
  148. What Latter-day Saint received a gold medal at the Pan American Games in wrestling in 1967?  Answer: Mike Young.
  149. What Latter-day Saint football player was known as “The Phantom”?  Answer: Eldon Fortie.
  150. What Latter-day Saint was named National Basketball Association Coach of the Year in 1971?  Answer: John Richard (Dick) Motta.
  151. Who was the first president of the Church to visit Egypt as president?  Answer: President Spencer W. Kimball.
  152. Who was the governor of Illinois who failed to keep his promise of protection for Joseph and Hyrum Smith?  Answer:  Governor Thomas Ford.
  153. What Church musician wrote the words to hymns and composed the music for at least 24 hymns?  Answer: Evan Stephens.
  154. Lucy Mack Smith stated that in 1829, someone had an experience with the Three Nephites.  Who was that person?  Answer: David Whitmer.
  155. What position for a time made Joseph Smith the highest-ranking military officer in the United States?  Answer: Lieutenant-general of the Nauvoo Legion.
  156. Jonathan Browning, a convert who moved to Nauvoo, invented what?  Answer: One of the earliest repeating rifles.
  157. Who was the opponent that Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon had to beat to be elected the first female state senator?  Answer: Her husband, Angus Cannon.
  158. Latter-day Saint Mary Woolley Chamberlain of Kanab, Utah holds what distinction among American women?  Answer: First female mayor in the United States.
  159. President Calvin Coolidge, in 1925, appointed Latter-day Saint Jeanette A. Hyde to what responsible position?  Answer: The first female collector of customs at a port of entry in Honolulu.
  160. Jim Jensen of Brigham Young University is known around the world for discovering what?  Answer: The world’s largest dinosaur skeleton.
  161. Who said, “if there is any truth to the words, ‘There’s sweet, sweet rest in heaven,’ then I am heading the other direction.”  Answer: LeGrand Richards.
  162. Latter-day Saint John Lemperle has had the position of physical fitness officer of what famous academy?  Answer: West Point.
  163. Latter-day Saint actor Johnny Whitaker played what character on “General Hospital”?  Answer: Scottie Baldwin.
  164. Latter-day Saint actor Johnny Whitaker played the role of Jody for 5 years on what television series?  Answer: Family Affair.
  165. In 1997 Clark and Betty Stohl were called as the official what for the Church?  Answer: Host and Hostess.
  166. In the April 1984 General Conference of the Church, who became the new general president of the Young Women?  Answer: Ardeth Kapp.
  167. In the April 1984 General Conference of the Church, who became the new general president of the Relief Society?  Answer: Barbara Winder.
  168. In the April 1980 General Conference of the Church, who was called as general president of the Primary?  Answer: Dwan Young.
  169. Name the Latter-day Saint political cartoonist for the Arizona Republic whose syndicated cartoons appear in the national press.  Answer: Steve Benson.
  170. What Latter-day Saint woman has a regular segment as creative living specialist on NBC’s Today ShowAnswer: Dian Thomas.
  171. In 1927, Latter-day Saint Budd Shields beat what famous swimmer’s time in the 220 freestyle?  Answer: Johnny Weismuller’s time.
  172. Who was “Sonny Boy”?  Answer: David O. McKay’s horse.
  173. What Latter-day Saint sang professionally for 15 years, even soloing on the Ed Sullivan show, but is now an economist?  Answer: Howard Ruff.
  174. How did Lorenzo Snow earn his living in Nauvoo?  Answer: By teaching school.
  175. In Nauvoo, George Q. Cannon became a member of his uncle’s family.  Who was his uncle?  Answer: John Taylor
  176. Who translated the Book of Mormon into the Hawaiian tongue?  Answer: George Q. Cannon.
  177. What rank in the Nauvoo Legion did Franklin D. Richards hold?  Answer: Brigadier General.
  178. To what political party did Senator Reed Smoot belong?  Answer: Republican.
  179. How did Brigham Young choose Mary Ann Angell to be his wife?  Answer: A person interpreted his speaking in tongues.
  180. Whom did Mary Fielding Smith marry “for time” when she came to Utah?  Answer: Heber C. Kimball.
  181. Who was the leader of the first group of saints to the Salt Lake Valley?  Answer: Brigham Young.
  182. Who were three women in the first company of pioneers to leave Winter Quarters?  Answer: Clara Decker Young, Harriett Decker Young, Ellen Sanders Kimball.
  183. The wives of what men were with the first company of pioneers to leave Winder Quarters?  Answer: Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Lorenzo Young.
  184. What Relief Society leader dined with President Reagan at the White House in 1983?  Answer: Barbara Smith.
  185. In 1984, Latter-day Saint Teresa Spaulding at 19 years old was the youngest member of what?  Answer: The United States Women’s basketball team.
  186. Latter-day Saint Richard Bretzing, an FBI special agent, had what special assignment in the summer of 1984?  Answer: He was in charge of security at the Olympic Games.
  187. What U. S. President invited Barbara Smith to sit on the National Advisory Committee for the Conference on Families?  Answer: President Jimmy Carter.
  188. What Olympic athlete has been dubbed “The Stormin’ Mormon” by members of his track club in Oregon?  Answer: Henry Marsh.
  189. What LDS athlete was U.S. Gymnast of the Year in 1982?  Answer: Peter Vidmar.
  190. What LDS athlete holds American indoor records in the 2-mile, the 3,000 meter, and the 5,000 meter races?  Answer: Doug Padilla.
  191. What Latter-day Saint, from 1980 to 1984, was California’s youngest state senator and represented the largest district?  Answer: John Doolittle.
  192. Merrill J. Bateman was an executive at Mars, Inc., and vice-president of which famous candy division?  Answer: M & M division, plain and peanut.
  193. What Latter-day Saint apostle supervised construction of the Trans-Canadian pipeline?  Answer: Elder N. Eldon Tanner.
  194. Latter-day Saint musician J. A. C. Redford scores all of the music for what weekly medical television series?  Answer: “St. Elsewhere”.
  195. What Latter-day Saint athlete plays guard for the Boston Celtics?  Answer:  Danny Ainge.
  196. Who ran a shop supplying confections, gingerbread, root beer, and such articles to the people of Palmyra?  Answer: Joseph Smith, Sr.
  197. How old was Joseph Smith when he went to the grove to pray?  Answer:  Fourteen.
  198. Who baptized Emma Smith?  Answer: Oliver Cowdery.
  199. Who was known as Captain Fear-Naught?  Answer: Captain David W. Patten.
  200. Which member of the Quorum of the Seventy had been a banking executive in South America for 18 years?  Answer: Robert E. Wells.
  201. Who set up the first store in Kirtland?  Answer: Newel K. Whitney.
  202. Which apostle served as a district attorney in Utah?   Answer: Marion G. Romney.
  203. Which apostle was a former newspaper reporter and editor and served as president of the Deseret News Publishing Company?  Answer: Mark E. Petersen.
  204. As of 1984, which apostle was chairman of the board of Deseret Book Company?  Answer: Marvin J. Ashton.
  205. What apostle served 2 terms as mayor of Palo Alto, California prior to his full-time Church responsibilities?  Answer: David B. Haight.
  206. What apostle served as editor of the three Church magazines?  Answer: James E. Faust.
  207. Which apostle is a former supervisor of seminaries and institutes of religion for the Church?  Answer: Boyd K. Packer.
  208. Which member of the Quorum of the Seventy was formerly president of Arizona State University?  Answer: G. Homer Durham.
  209. Which member of the Quorum of the Seventy has been a corporate executive with International Max Factor Company?  Answer: Robert D. Hales.
  210. Jacob deJager is fluent in how many languages?  Answer: Five.
  211. What two men who later became general authorities coordinated the Munich area general conference in 1973?  Answer: F. Enzio Busche and Jacob deJager.
  212. Who is listed as the architect of the Kirtland Temple?  Answer: Joseph Smith.
  213. Whom did Naomi Shumway succeed as general Primary president in 1974?  Answer: LaVern W. Parmley.
  214. What “Grand Old Opry” singing star and Church convert was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1981?  Answer: Charlie Walker.
  215. What LDS author served in 1981 as national director for the White House Conference on Children and Parents?  Answer: Richard M. Eyre.
  216. What general authority was Brigham Young’s personal physician in the 1870’s?  Answer: Dr. Seymour B. Young.
  217. Joseph Smith gave his ornate gold pocket watch to whom in 1844?  Answer: Eliza R. Snow.
  218. A survey of the 1974-1975 Church Directory showed that what percent of the general authorities are BYU alumni?  Answer: Twenty-five percent.
  219. Who, at age 80, was the oldest man ever to be appointed as an apostle?  Answer: George Q. Morris.
  220. In a survey of the 1975-1975 Church Directory, what percentage of the regional representatives were BYU alumni?  Answer: Forty percent.
  221. Who succeeded Richard L. Evans as the voice of the Tabernacle Choir?  Answer: J. Spencer Kinard.
  222. Donny Osmond made his ‘show biz’ debut at age 5 on what show?  Answer: The Andy Williams Show.
  223. When the premier of China stepped onto United States soil in January of 1984, by whom was he first greeted?  Answer: Elder Marvin J. Ashton.
  224. What is the name of Jack Anderson’s newspaper column?  Answer: ‘Washington Merry-Go-Round’.
  225. Brenton G. and Blaine M. Yorgason wrote what novel that was made into a movie?  Answer: Windwalker.
  226. Who served as director of the Tabernacle Choir from 1957 to 1974?  Answer: Richard P. Condie.
  227. Who never had a voice lesson until her junior year at Brigham Young University, but subsequently sang with the Metropolitan Opera?  Answer: Ariel Bybee.
  228. Who replaced LaVern Watts Parmley as general president of the Primary?  Answer: Naomi M. Shumway.
  229. Who was the law school at Brigham Young University named after?  Answer: J. Reuben Clark, Jr.
  230. When Joseph Fielding Smith became president of the Church, who did he choose as counselors?  Answer: Harold B. Lee and N. Eldon Tanner.
  231. When Harold B. Lee became president of the Church, whom did he choose as his counselors?  Answer: Elders N. Eldon Tanner and Marion G. Romney.
  232. What does the ‘O’ stand for in President David O. McKay’s name?  Answer: Oman.
  233. Who served for the longest period of time in the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve?  Answer: David O. McKay (63  years 9 months).  (Joseph Fielding Smith ?)
  234. Who was first ordained to the First Council of Seventy in this dispensation?  Answer: Hazen Aldrich.
  235. Which two of the Whitmer sons remained faithful until the end of their lives?  Answer: Peter Whitmer, Jr. and Christian Whitmer.
  236. Whom was Thankful Halsey married to?  Answer: Parley P. Pratt.
  237. Which apostle authored the hymn, “Jesus, Once of Humble Birth”?  Answer: Parley P. Pratt.
  238. Which of the early apostles has been described as ‘one of the greatest mathematicians of modern times’?  Answer: Orson Pratt.
  239. In 1982, what record did Danny White make, off the football field?  Answer: He cut a record entitled “Country Cowboy”, released by Grand Prix Records.
  240. Marie Osmond was offered the female lead in what box office hit but rejected the offer?  Answer: Grease.
  241. LDS child-actor Christian Jacobs, a veteran of numerous commercials, played Joey Stivic in what television series?  Answer: Gloria.
  242. Who said, “No other success can compensate for failure in the home”?  Answer: President David O. McKay
  243. Who said, “I wrote, with my own pen, the entire Book of Mormon (save a few pages) as it fell from the lips of the Prophet.”  Answer: Oliver Cowdery.
  244. Nine sculptors submitted designs for the Angel Moroni on the Washington, D.C. Temple.  Whose design was chosen?  Answer: Avard Fairbanks.
  245. What Latter-day Saint won the Pulitzer Prize for journalism for his reporting of the Indo-Pakistani War?  Answer: Jack Anderson.
  246. What Latter-day Saint won the Pulitzer Prize for journalism for his biography of jurist Charles Evan Hughes?  Answer:  Marlo Pusey.
  247. Whose memorandum on the Monroe Doctrine became known as America’s “Good Neighbor Policy”?  Answer: President J. Reuben Clark.
  248. Who directed the Tabernacle Choir during it first radio broadcast?  Answer: Anthony Lund.
  249. Who preceded Jay Welch as the director of the Tabernacle Choir?  Answer: Richard Condie.
  250. Who succeeded Richard Condie as director of the Tabernacle Choir?  Answer:Jay Welch.
  251. Who was the organist for the first Tabernacle Choir radio broadcast?  Answer: Edward P. Kimball.
  252. Who was the first dentist in the Territory of Deseret?  Answer:Alexander Neibaur.
  253. What were Brigham Young’s false teeth made from?  Answer: Porcelain and gold.
  254. Latter-day Saint Brian Leslie Bowman has been hailed as the “Heifetz of the euphonium”.  What is a euphonium?  Answer:  A brass instrument resembling a small tuba.
  255. Who substituted as the voice on the Choir broadcast from the death of Richard L. Evans until J. Spencer Kinard was appointed?  Answer:Alan Jensen.
  256. What distinction does Ann Elizabeth Walmsley hold?  She was the first female convert to the Church in Europe, being baptized in 1837.

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