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Places and sites of religious significance — quiz questions

Some of these questions were found in the Jots and Tittles scripture game published by Deseret Book years ago.  Click here to return to the Quiz menu

  1. Capernaum, Nazareth, Nain, Tiberias, and Cana are all located in what northern province of Israel?  Answer: Galilee
  2. The word ‘damask’ bears witness to the fame of what city as a textile center?  Answer: Damascus
  3. What city was and is the capitol of Syria?  Answer: Damascus
  4. On October 30, 1838, a mob attacked what small settlement in Missouri, killing 19 members of the Church?  Answer:  Haun’s Mill
  5. The Jaredites paused in a land for four years to build their barges and prepare themselves for their ocean voyage.  What did they call the place?  Answer: Moriancumr.
  6. What was the name of the place at which Jacob’s name was changed to Israel.  Answer: Peniel.
  7. What is about 47 miles long and is sometimes call the Sea of the Plain?  Answer: The Dead Sea.
  8. What was Lebanon called in biblical times?  Answer: Phoenicia.
  9. What as a sister city of Sidon and the most important city of Phoenicia?  Answer: Tyre.
  10. What is considered to be the world’s oldest continuously inhabited city?  Answer: Damascus.
  11. Byzantium (now called Istanbul) had its name changed to what by the emperor Constantine?  Answer: Constantinople.
  12. In what city did Jesus stay with Zacchaeus the publican?  Answer: Jericho.
  13. What city became the headquarters of the Church from 1837 to 1839?  Answer: Far West.
  14. What ancient capital of Attica was, by New Testament times, located in a Roman province known as Achaia?  Answer: Athens.
  15. Paul said that what city was too superstitious and that Stoics and Epicureans represented it philosophy?  Answer: Athens.
  16. Where did Paul attend rabbinical school?  Answer: Jerusalem.
  17. What Middle Eastern country had a mission opened there in 1855 but closed by an order from Brigham Young?  Answer: India.
  18. Salamis and Paphos are the two main cities of what Mediterranean island?  Answer: Cyprus.
  19. In what northern Palestinian town did Jeroboam erect an altar and idol so people wouldn’t go to Jerusalem to worship?  Answer: Dan.
  20. In what city was David born?  Answer: Bethlehem.
  21. What was the name of the place where John baptized because “there was much water there”?  Answer: Aenon.
  22. Name the two chief Phoenician seaports with long histories of commercial wealth and moral degeneracy.  Answer: Tyre and Sidon.
  23. What was the portico on the east side of the temple called?  Answer: Solomon’s porch.
  24. The Colossians were residents of what place?  Answer: Colossae.
  25. In what modern-day country was the ancient city of Colossae?  Answer:  Turkey.
  26. Tradition says that Timothy was the first bishop of what city?  Answer: Ephesus.
  27. What is the Old Testament name for Syria and Mesopotamia?  Answer: Padan-aram.
  28. The first women to enter the Salt Lake Valley were from what state?  Answer: Mississippi.
  29. What is a ‘wadi’?  Answer: The bed or valley of a stream.
  30. What kind of fishing was unknown in Palestine?  Answer: Fly fishing (none of the species of fish in Palestine will rise to a fly).
  31. The Great Sea refers to what sea?  Answer: The Mediterranean Seal
  32. ‘Jebus’ is another name for what place?  Answer: Jerusalem.
  33. In New Testament times, what was the only town on the coast that was more Jewish than Gentile?  Answer: Joppa.
  34. Who wandered in the wilderness of Zin?  Answer: The children of Israel.
  35. The district west of Egypt and bordering on the Mediterranean that was formerly called Put or Phut is known as what today?  Answer: Libya.
  36. What was the sacred river of Egypt?  Answer: The Nile River.
  37. The traditional founder of Nineveh was whom?  Answer: Nimrod.
  38. Nineveh contained a large library of books made out of what?  Answer: Clay tablets.
  39. Both Rebekah and Rachel were from what region?  Answer: Padan-aram (or Padan).
  40. Ashdod, Gaza, Ashkelon, Gath, and Ekron were chief cities of what people?  Answer: The Philistines.
  41. The name of the territory of Israel’s enemy, the Philistines, later became what familiar title for the Holy Lands?  Answer: Palestine.
  42. Jezebel was a princess from where?  Answer: Phoenicia.
  43. What were the three largest cities of the Roman Empire?  Answer: Rome, Alexandria, Antioch.
  44. Three months after the Exodus, the Israelites reached what place, where they stayed for more that a year?  Answer: Mount Sinai.
  45. In 1837, where was the Kirtland High School held?  Answer: In the attic of the Kirtland Temple.
  46. Where was the second stake of the Church organized?  Answer: Clay County, Missouri.
  47. When Joseph Smith arrived in Independence, Missouri, he recorded that the ‘gentile’ Missouri people were living how far behind the times?  Answer: A century.
  48. Moses received the law of the Lord at Mount Sinai.  What is another name for this place?  Answer: Mount Horeb.
  49. What was the wilderness called where the Israelites were encamped, between Horeb and the Gulf of Suez?  Answer: Wilderness of Sin.
  50. Where did the Israelites build the Tabernacle?  Answer: At their encampment near Mount Sinai.
  51. What was the first historic site purchased by the Church?  Answer: Carthage Jail.
  52. The first purchase of land for the Church in Nauvoo since the exodus was made by William Wood in 1937.  What was the purchase?  Answer: A portion of the temple block.
  53. What pool in Jerusalem was believed to have healing powers when it bubbled?  Answer: The Pool at Bethesda.
  54. What did the people at Jerusalem believe was the cause of the waters bubbling in the pool at Bethesda?  Answer: An angel came down and troubled the waters.
  55. In order to be cured in the pool at Bethesda, what did a person have to do?  Answer: Be the first person to enter the water after it started bubbling.
  56. On the five porches of what place did the crippled and sick sit in hopes of being healed?  Answer: The Pool at Bethesda.
  57. What is the oldest continuously settled community in Utah?  Answer: Ogden.
  58. What was the first latter-day temple faced with marble?  Answer: The Washington, D.C. Temple.
  59. Who selected the marble used to face the Washington, D.C. Temple?  Answer: President David O. McKay.
  60. What is the Angel Moroni on the Washington, D.C. Temple holding?  Answer: A trumpet and a set of gold plates.
  61. The first chapel built in Washington, D.C. was made of what?  Answer: Utah marble shipped to the east coast by railroad.
  62. After the exodus from Nauvoo, the first stake in the eastern United States was organized where?  Answer: In Washington, D. C.
  63. To what area did the first Quorum of the Twelve go on their first mission?  Answer: The Eastern States.
  64. In 1900, 35 families working to build a canal in Shoshone Valley, Wyoming, named a huge rock in their way Prayer Rock.  Why?  Answer: Because of the many prayers offered to ask for help in removing it.
  65. Who officiated at the dedication of the Manti Temple?  Answer: The Quorum of the Twelve due to the fact that no president had been sustained following the death of John Taylor.
  66. What building previously stood at the present site of the Assembly Hall on Temple Square in Salt Lake City?  Answer: The “Old Tabernacle”.
  67. Who offered the dedicatory prayer at the Kirtland Temple?  Answer: Joseph Smith.
  68. Shoal Creek later became known as what?  Answer: Far West.
  69. What was the first home dedicated in the restoration of Nauvoo?  Answer: The Heber C. Kimball home.
  70. Besides the Church, what other organization is working to restore Nauvoo?  Answer: The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or the Community of Christ.
  71. The Nauvoo Mansion Home and Smith’s homestead in. Nauvoo are owned by what group?  Answer: The Community of Christ.
  72. Lorenzo Snow and his companion had their only real missionary success in Italy among what group?  Answer: The Waldensians (Vadois), said to be the oldest Protestant group in Europe.
  73. In what land was Potiphar’s Hill?  Answer: The Land of Ur.
  74. The altar upon which the priest of Pharaoh attempted to sacrifice Abraham stood by what hill?  Answer: Potiphar’s Hill.
  75. In what land did Abraham’s father remain?  Answer: The Land of Haran.
  76. An anonymous competition was held to select the design for what latter-day temple?  Answer: The Alberta Canada Temple.
  77. In what city is the Alberta Temple?  Answer: Cardston.
  78. At what hill did the battle between Zerahemnah and Moroni take place?  Answer: The Hill Riplah.
  79. In what land did the Zoramites live?  Answer: Antionum.
  80. What church site was first described in the Domesday Book?  Answer: The London England Temple site.
  81. What land did the people of Zarahemla give to the Anti-Nephi-Lehies?  Answer: The Land of Jershon.
  82. If ten people who lived righteous lives had been found, what cities would have been spared destruction?  Answer: Sodom and Gomorrah.
  83. How many degrees are there in the Celestial Kingdom?  Answer: Three.
  84. Admah and Zeboim were cities destroyed at the same time as what two other cities?  Answer: Sodom and Gomorrah.
  85. What name did Brigham Young give to the mountain he and the apostles climbed to gain a view of the whole Salt Lake Valley?  Answer: Ensign Peak.
  86. What figure is depicted in statue atop the Salt Lake Temple?  Answer: The Angel Moroni.
  87. Of what metal gilded with gold is the statue of Angel Moroni on the Salt Lake temple made?  Answer: Copper.
  88. The site of the Gardo House was originally purchased as a home site for whom?  Answer: Brigham Young.
  89. What home for Brigham Young, not completed until five years after his death, became an official residence of Church presidents?  Answer: The Gardo House.
  90. What apostle dedicated Haiti for the preaching of the Gospel?  Answer: Thomas S. Monson.
  91. Carlos I of Spain, in 1592, was the first recorded owner of what Church site?  Answer: The Los Angeles California Temple site.
  92. The Salt Lake Theatre was a close duplicate of what famous theater?  Answer: Drury Lane Theatre in London, England.
  93. To what country did Abraham send his servant to find a wife for Isaac?  Answer: Mesopotamia.
  94. What was the capital of Assyria?  Answer: Ninevah.
  95. Which was the first latter-day temple to have Moroni depicted on its spire?  Answer: The Nauvoo Temple.
  96. Site dimensions given by Josephus for what ancient temple almost match the dimensions of Temple Square in Salt Lake City?  Answer: The Temple of Herod.
  97. When Aaron, the son of Mosiah, first began his mission, to what Lamanite land did he go?  Answer: The Land of Jerusalem.
  98. After preaching to the Amalekites in Jerusalem, to what village did Aaron, the son of Mosiah, go?  Answer: Ani-Anti.
  99. After leaving Ani-Anti, where did Aaron, Muloki, and Ammah go to preach?  Answer: The Land of Middoni.
  100. Jachin and Boaz were the names given to the pillars standing at the threshold of what building?  Answer: The Temple of Solomon.
  101. Although the Temple of Solomon was built of stone, the walls inside were covered entirely with what?  Answer: Cedar wood.
  102. During the construction of the Temple of Solomon, there was heard no sound of what?  Answer: A hammer, axe, or any tool of iron.
  103. What was the “Cock Pit”?  Answer: The building where the first conference in England was held, on December 25, 1837.
  104. What two counties in Missouri were formed as part of a compromise bill to provide a place for the Saints?  Answer: Caldwell County and Daviess County.
  105. Joseph Smith named the hill at Lyman Wight’s home in Missouri “Tower Hill” because ruins of what were found there?  Answer: A Nephite altar or tower.
  106. In what land, east of Eden, did Cain dwell?  Answer: Nod.
  107. Where was Rachel’s grave?  Answer: Bethlehem (Ephrath).
  108. The southernmost branch of the Church in the western hemisphere is located where?  Answer: Osorno, Chile.
  109. The molten or brazen sea in the Temple of Solomon was mounted on what?  Answer: The backs of twelve oxen.
  110. At April conference, 1845, what name was given to Nauvoo?  Answer: The City of Joseph.
  111. Where is the second-largest organ in the Church?  Answer: At Brigham Young University – Idaho.
  112. The Performing Arts building at Brigham Young University – Idaho is named for what Church figure?  Answer: Eliza R. Snow.
  113. What two sites are believed by scholars to be possible sites of the Mount of Transfiguration?  Answer: Mount Tabor and Mount Hermon.
  114. On a visit to Israel, where did President Spencer W. Kimball say he felt sure was the burial place of the Savior?  Answer: The Garden Tomb.
  115. Bethany is located on the eastern slope of what mount?  Answer: The Mount of Olives.
  116. Mount Nebo is another name for what mountain?  Answer: Mount Pisgah.
  117. Rachel was buried near what town?  Answer: Bethlehem.
  118. In which city did Paul chasten the people for immorality and speak of excommunication?  Answer: Corinth.
  119. Which of the following cities is the most southerly — Corinth, Thessalonica, Philippi, or Rome?  Answer: Corinth.
  120. The temple at Jerusalem faced which direction?  Answer: East.
  121. How is the Sea of Galilee referred to in the book of Numbers?  Answer: Sea of Chinnereth.
  122. Naomi’s husband was originally from what town?  Answer: Bethlehem.
  123. In what city was Alma reviled, spat upon, and cast out?  Answer: Ammonihah.
  124. After Alma left Ammonihah he was headed for what city when he was visited by an angel?  Answer: City of Aaron.
  125. Omer, king of the Jaredites, took his family and fled to a land called what?  Answer: Ablom.
  126. Where was Paul when he received a vision calling him to Macedonia?  Answer: Troas.
  127. In what Ohio county is Kirtland located?  Answer: Geauga County.
  128. What as the first city conquered by the Israelites un Joshua?  Answer: Jericho.
  129. Where was Eutychus brought back to life?  Answer: Troas.
  130. The inhabitants of what city were condemned because of their doctrines of Balaam and the Nicolaitans?  Answer: Pergamum.
  131. The pioneers’ first stop, Sugar Creek, is today called by what name?  Answer: Montrose, Iowa.
  132. Where did the Mormon Battalion end its march?  Answer: San Diego, California.
  133. Paul embarked at Patena on his last voyage to where?  Answer: Palestine.
  134. Where did Paul fight with “beasts”?  Answer: Ephesus.
  135. At what place was Elymas, the sorcerer, smitten blind?  Answer: Paphos.
  136. Where was Apollos born?  Answer: Alexandria.
  137. The people of what city were condemned for being “neither cold nor hot”?  Answer: Laodicea.
  138. At what city was Paul stoned and left for dead?  Answer: Lystra.
  139. Sergius Paulus was converted in what city?  Answer: Paphos.
  140. Joses Barnabas was from what place?  Answer: Cyprus.
  141. Christians fleeing from what place came to Antioch and established Christianity?  Answer: Jerusalem.
  142. At what place were Barnabas and Paul likened to Greek gods?  Answer: Lystra.
  143. Opposition by Jews from Lystra caused Paul and Barnabas to shake off the dust from their feet and leave where?  Answer: Pisidia.
  144. What city was Timothy’s home!  Answer: Lystra.
  145. Paul left Berea to travel to where?  Answer: Athens.
  146. The Jews of what city stirred up the people of Berea against Paul?  Answer: Thessalonica.
  147. In what place is Peter believed to have been when he wrote 1 Peter and 2 Peter?  Answer: Rome.
  148. Where was Lydia from?  Answer: Thyatira.
  149. In what city did the false prophetess Jezebel live?  Answer: Thyatira.
  150. In what city was Mar’s Hill located?  Answer: Athens.
  151. Peter was taken before the judgment seat of Gallio in what city?  Answer: Corinth.
  152. In what city was Crispus chief ruler of the synagogue?  Answer: Corinth.
  153. In what city did Paul see the altar dedicated “to the unknown God”?  Answer: Athens.
  154. Lorenzo Snow and several companions opened the mission in Italy on the summit of a mountain they named what?  Answer: Mount Brigham.
  155. Where were the Israelites when they were first fed with manna?  Answer: The Wilderness of Sin.
  156. After preaching to the Lamanites in Zarahemla, where did Nephi and Lehi go?  Answer: Land of Nephi.
  157. What was the name of the town where the Samaritan woman who spoke with the Savior at Jacob’s well lived?  Answer: Sychar.
  158. In October of 1982 the Church announced plans to build a temple in what eastern block country?  Answer: East Germany (German Democratic Republic).
  159. On August 29, 1982, what took place at Freiburg, in the German Democratic Republic?  Answer: A stake was formed.
  160. Where did Paul deliver a farewell address, predicting his bonds, afflictions, and death?  Answer: Miletus.
  161. On his third missionary journey, Paul walked 30 miles to Assos from where?  Answer: Troas.
  162. A ‘fuller’s field’ was always located close to what?  Answer: A pool or spring of water.
  163. Where did Isaiah say that the ‘mountain of the Lord’s house’ would be established in the last days?  Answer: “In the top of the mountains”
  164. Where do we think the ancient area of Tarshish is located today?  Answer: Spain.
  165. What song was written at Locust Creek in Iowa?  Answer: “Come, Come Ye Saints”.
  166. Antonio Sebolo found a number of mummies in the catacombs of what ancient city?  Answer: Thebes.
  167. How did the pioneer landmark, The Sweetwater, get its name?  Answer: At one time a pack mule laden with sugar was lost in the stream.
  168. What pioneer landmark was called ‘the great register of the desert’?  Answer: Independence Rock.
  169. Where did the Kirtland High School meet?  Answer: In the attic rooms of the Kirtland Temple.
  170. What was the inscription on the altar that Paul found on Mars Hill?  Answer: ‘To the unknown God’.
  171. When the pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley, the Salt Lake Valley was part of what foreign country?  Answer:  Mexico.
  172. A few years after the Saints had left Kirtland, for what did the villagers use the temple?  Answer: A barn for cattle and the storage of hay and straw.
  173. What temple stands on a hill in Tuhikaramea?  Answer: The Hamilton New Zealand Temple.
  174. Where did the Saints first camp after leaving Nauvoo?  Answer: Sugar Creek.
  175. What was Joseph Smith’s last residence in Nauvoo?  Answer: The Mansion House.
  176. The great dome of the Salt Lake Tabernacle is built without what?  Answer: Nails or spikes.
  177. What country is 97 percent arid desert, swamp, or barren mountains?  Answer: Egypt.
  178. What was the center of Christian activity in Egypt in the first century A.D.?  Answer: Alexandria.
  179. What was the first LDS temple behind the “Iron Curtain”?  Answer: Freiburg Temple, German Democratic Republic.
  180. What can you find in every one of the Marriott Hotel rooms?  Answer: A copy of the Book of Mormon.
  181. According to the introductory statement, from where does the “Spoken Word” originate each week?  Answer:  From the ‘Crossroads of the West’.
  182. In what three states did the Church own hospitals before it divested itself of its hospital holdings?  Answer: Utah, Idaho, Wyoming.
  183. Whose home in Hiram, Ohio is known as the Revelation House because Joseph Smith received many revelations there?  Answer: John Johnson’s home.
  184. What place did the Indian village Quashquema become?  Answer: Nauvoo (Commerce).
  185. In what modern country would you find Cyrene, the home of Simon who bore Jesus’ cross?  Answer: Libya.
  186. Where was the man headed in the parable of the Good Samaritan when he ‘fell among thieves’?  Answer: Jericho.
  187. Sidney Rigdon’s home served as the first what in Nauvoo?  Answer: Nauvoo Post Office.
  188. Ten of the 22 rooms in the Mansion House were used for what?  Answer: Hotel accommodations.
  189. The second floor of what building in Nauvoo was used for the community library, a museum, and art exhibits?  Answer: The Seventies Hall.
  190. What busy shop did the five Webb brothers operate in Nauvoo?  Answer: The wagon and blacksmith shop.
  191. The Nauvoo home of justice of the peace Joseph B. Noble was purchased by the Saints as a residence for whom?   Answer: Lucy Mack Smith, mother of Joseph Smith.
  192. Jerusalem has the same annual average rainfall as what major international city?  Answer: London, England.
  193. What were the boundaries of the land given to Abraham and his descendants?  Answer: “From the river of Egypt unto the rive Euphrates.”
  194. What were the two most important international highways of the ancient biblical world?  Answer: “Via Maris” and the King’s Highway.
  195. What was the most important local road in Bible times?  Answer: The “Way of the Patriarchs”.
  196. Joseph, Mary, and Jesus returned from Egypt along what route to Nazareth?  Answer: The coastal highway.
  197. What city in the Bible is mentioned under 70 different titles?  Answer: Jerusalem.
  198. What did Araunah’s threshing floor later become?  Answer: Solomon’s Temple.
  199. The walls of Jerusalem were longest and most magnificent under the rule of whom?  Answer: Herod the Great.
  200. What is the name of the hill in the land of Antionum from which Alma the Younger preached to the Zoramites?  Answer: Hill Onidah.
  201. Aaron, Muloki, and Ammah were imprisoned in this city until they were rescued by Ammon.  What was it called?  Answer: Middoni.
  202. What is the name of the place on the shore of the great ocean where Jared and his people tarried 4 years before crossing to America?  Answer: The land of Moriancumr.
  203. What is the name of the region near the city of Lehi-Nephi where Alma the elder gathered and ministered to those who believed?  Answer: The Land of Mormon
  204. What is the name of the land where the Jaredites made their first settlements, and which became their chief site of war?  Answer: Moron.
  205. What city had the earth come up about it and bury it, leaving a great mountain where it once stood?  Answer: Moronihah.
  206. What was the name given by the Nephites to the whole of North America?  Answer: Land of Mulek.
  207. What Elvis Presley film was filmed on the grounds of the Polynesian Cultural Center?  Answer: Paradise Hawaiian Style.
  208. What is the name of the place in Arabia where Ishmael died and was buried?  Answer: Nahom.
  209. In what city did Shule defeat his brother Corihor and return the throne to their father, Kib?  Answer: City of Nehor.
  210. What were the two great divisions of the land southward from Mosiah to the advent of Christ?  Answer: Land of Nephi and Land of Zarahemla.
  211. Name the hill from which Shule obtained iron with which to make weapons to fight his father Kib.  Answer: Ephraim.
  212. What happened to the city of Gadiomnah at the time of the crucifixion?  Answer: It sank into the earth.
  213. Name the city that was built by Alma the elder and that lies about 8 days journey from the Waters of Mormon.  Answer: Helam.
  214. Name the wilderness into which the Nephites drove the Lamanites and Amlicites to be devoured by beasts and vultures.  Answer: Hermounts.
  215. What was the name given by Lehi’s colony to an arm of the Indian Ocean, on the eastern coast of Arabia?  Answer: Irreantum.
  216. Was the city of Jerusalem, in the land of Nephi, a Lamanite or a Nephite city?  Answer: Lamanite.
  217. Name the Book of Mormon city of which the Savior said there was not one righteous person to be found there.  Answer: Josh.
  218. What happened to the city of Josh at the crucifixion of Christ?  Answer: Fire from heaven destroyed it.
  219. What did the Lord say about the inhabitants of the city of Kishkumen?  Answer: There were none righteous among them.
  220. What was the name of the hill upon which Nehor, the murderer of Gideon, was executed?  Answer: The Hill Manti.
  221. One stone discovered from what wall is said to weigh 450 tons?  Answer: The Wall of Jerusalem.
  222. What was the largest Canaanite city built during the biblical period?  Answer: Hazor.  It was ten times larger than Jerusalem.
  223. What two tribes inhabited the regions of lower Galilee where Jesus grew up and spent most of his ministry?  Answer: Naphtali, Zebulun.
  224. Who originally built Caesarea?  Answer:  Herod the Great.
  225. The Sea of Galilee received one of it names because it is the shape of what musical instrument?  Answer:  The harp.
  226. What six people are buried in the cave of Machpelah?  Answer: Abraham, Sarah, Jacob, Isaac, Leah, Rebekah.
  227. Which was written last, the Gospel of John or the Book of Revelation?  Answer:  The Gospel of John.
  228. What was the name of the road between Jerusalem and Bethany on which Christ traveled?  Answer: Bethany and Jericho Road.
  229. The cursing of the fig tree by Jesus occurred between what two cities?  Answer:  Bethany and Jerusalem.
  230. What place in Israel is snow capped most of the year?  Answer: Mount Hermon.
  231. Bethlehem is approximately how many miles from Jerusalem?  Answer: Five.
  232. Lehi and Nephi, sons of Helaman, were cast into prison in what city?  Answer: Lehi-Nephi.
  233. What was the first city conquered by the Israelites under Joshua?  Answer: Jericho.
  234. In A.D. 384, most of the Nephite records were hidden where?  Answer: In the Hill Cumorah.
  235. Prior to World War II, the largest concentration of Latter-day Saints outside North America was in the area of what new stake?  Answer: Freiburg Stake, German Democratic Republic (East Germany).
  236. Where was Jesus’ first recorded sermon ni the New Testament preached?  Answer: Nazareth.
  237. Mariners from what ancient Phoenician port colonized in Spain and Africa and sailed as far as Britain and the Red Sea?  Answer: Tyre.
  238. What is the only part of Herod’s temple that is still standing?  Answer: The Wailing Wall (West Wall).
  239. Where was Abraham’s dwelling place when he wrote the book we now have in the Pearl of Great Price?  Answer: Egypt.
  240. What was the most prominent river in Nephite territory?  Answer: The River Sidon.

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