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Places and sites of religious significance — quiz questions

Some of these questions were found in the Jots and Tittles scripture game published by Deseret Book years ago

  1. Capernaum, Nazareth, Nain, Tiberias, and Cana are all located in what northern province of Israel?  Answer: Galilee
  2. The word ‘damask’ bears witness to the fame of what city as a textile center?  Answer: Damascus
  3. What city was and is the capitol of Syria?  Answer: Damascus
  4. On October 30, 1838, a mob attacked what small settlement in Missouri, killing 19 members of the Church?  Answer:  Haun’s Mill
  5. The Jaredites paused in a land for four years to build their barges and prepare themselves for their ocean voyage.  What did they call the place?  Answer: Moriancumr.
  6. What was the name of the place at which Jacob’s name was changed to Israel.  Answer: Peniel.
  7. What is about 47 miles long and is sometimes call the Sea of the Plain?  Answer: The Dead Sea.
  8. What was Lebanon called in biblical times?  Answer: Phoenicia.
  9. What as a sister city of Sidon and the most important city of Phoenicia?  Answer: Tyre.
  10. What is considered to be the world’s oldest continuously inhabited city?  Answer: Damascus.
  11. Byzantium (now called Istanbul) had its name changed to what by the emperor Constantine?  Answer: Constantinople.
  12. In what city did Jesus stay with Zacchaeus the publican?  Answer: Jericho.
  13. What city became the headquarters of the Church from 1837 to 1839?  Answer: Far West.
  14. What ancient capital of Attica was, by New Testament times, located in a Roman province known as Achaia?  Answer: Athens.
  15. Paul said that what city was too superstitious and that Stoics and Epicureans represented it philosophy?  Answer: Athens.
  16. Where did Paul attend rabbinical school?  Answer: Jerusalem.
  17. What Middle Eastern country had a mission opened there in 1855 but closed by an order from Brigham Young?  Answer: India.
  18. Salamis and Paphos are the two main cities of what Mediterranean island?  Answer: Cyprus.
  19. In what northern Palestinian town did Jeroboam erect an altar and idol so people wouldn’t go to Jerusalem to worship?  Answer: Dan.
  20. In what city was David born?  Answer: Bethlehem.
  21. What was the name of the place where John baptized because “there was much water there”?  Answer: Aenon.
  22. Name the two chief Phoenician seaports with long histories of commercial wealth and moral degeneracy.  Answer: Tyre and Sidon.
  23. What was the portico on the east side of the temple called?  Answer: Solomon’s porch.
  24. The Colossians were residents of what place?  Answer: Colossae.
  25. In what modern-day country was the ancient city of Colossae?  Answer:  Turkey.
  26. Tradition says that Timothy was the first bishop of what city?  Answer: Ephesus.
  27. What is the Old Testament name for Syria and Mesopotamia?  Answer: Padan-aram.
  28. The first women to enter the Salt Lake Valley were from what state?  Answer: Mississippi.
  29. What is a ‘wadi’?  Answer: The bed or valley of a stream.
  30. What kind of fishing was unknown in Palestine?  Answer: Fly fishing (none of the species of fish in Palestine will rise to a fly).
  31. The Great Sea refers to what sea?  Answer: The Mediterranean Seal
  32. ‘Jebus’ is another name for what place?  Answer: Jerusalem.
  33. In New Testament times, what was the only town on the coast that was more Jewish than Gentile?  Answer: Joppa.
  34. Who wandered in the wilderness of Zin?  Answer: The children of Israel.

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