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propht16 (prophets who served as stake presidents / bishops ** )

 Presidents of the Church who served as Stake Presidents and Bishops


                   Prophet                Calling              Stake or ward name       Age when called

               Joseph Smith, Jr       Stake President          Kirtland Stake            28 years old

               Heber J Grant          Stake President          Tooele Stake              25 years old

               Harold B Lee           Stake President          Pioneer Stake             31 years old

               Spencer W Kimball      Stake President          Mt. Graham Stake          43 years old

               Ezra Taft Benson       Stake President          Boise Stake               39 years old 

               Ezra Taft Benson       Stake President          Washington D.C. Stake     41 years old

               Howard W Hunter        Bishop                   El Sereno Ward            33 years old 

               Howard W Hunter        Stake President          Pasadena Stake            43 years old

               Gordon B Hinckley      Stake President          East Millcreek Stake      46 years old

               Thomas S Monson        Bishop                   Salt Lake 4th Ward        22 years old

               Russell M Nelson       Stake President          Bonneville Stake          40 years old 


                      Amazingly, only two of our Church presidents have served as a bishop, those two being Presidents Hunter and Monson.


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