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propht11 (Months in which our Church Presidents have passed away ** )

 Months in which our Church Presidents have passed away


                               Month                                            Prophets that passed away in this month

                             January                         David O McKay, Gordon B Hinckley, Thomas S Monson

                             February                        None

                             March                           Howard W Hunter

                             April                           George Albert Smith

                             May                             Heber J Grant, Ezra Taft Benson

                             June                            Joseph Smith

                             July                            John Taylor, Joseph Fielding Smith

                             August                          Brigham Young

                             September                       Wilford Woodruff

                             October                         Lorenzo Snow

                             November                        Joseph F Smith, Spencer W Kimball

                             December                        Harold B Lee


Note: As can be seen above, every month has seen the passing away of one of our prophets with the exception of February.



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