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personal (index for personal items ** )

Personal items – anesthesia, astronomy, books, half-marathons, math problems, Spanish

  • Astronomy:  amateur astronomy items and information
  • Books and reading: books I have read and those I want to read
  • English vocabulary words: definitions of unique and seldom-used English words
  • Family history: stories and information about my ancestors, and my Parley P. Pratt descendancy, our family videos
  • Files:  my website files that require annual updating
  • Golf:  winners of the “Chichi” and “Freddie” trophies in our biannual family golf tournaments
  • Half marathons:  half-marathons that I have participated in
  • Hiking Utah’s peaks: my hiking adventures
  • Line of authority: my priesthood line of authority
  • Math and logic problems — some great math and logic problems for those who share my passion for algebra challenges
  • Medical history, my personal — my medical history, vaccinations, medications, etc.
  • Notes — personal iPhone notes gathered over many years *
  • Operation On Target — a classic Scouting activity, involving signaling mirrors and mountain tops  (also some other Scouting items)
  • Patriarchal blessings — my personal patriarchal blessing, received on January 23, 1970, and the patriarchal blessings of other family members
  • Pearls, Gems, Diamonds, Treasures — wisdom garnered over many years
  • Rudd family mantra — Elder Glen L. Rudd’s challenge for his family members (timeless counsel)
  • Spanish: dichos, vocabulario, trabalenguas, otras cosas, and a few English vocabulary items
  • Talks:  talks I have given over the years, hopefully of some value
  • Trailering: trips, trip planning, checklists, winterizing, dewinterizing, national parks visited, state parks visited
  • Utah Eye Center:  Dr. David Griffin’s favorite rock groups (tongue-in-cheek)
  • Vaccination blogs and websites:  good sources of information regarding vaccination
  • Yearbook, High School:  notes and remembrances from my senior classmates, written in my high school graduation yearbook

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