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General Conference April 2022

Fifteen invitations from our prophets and apostles

15 invitations extended by members of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles:

  1. Act to receive spiritual  momentum.  (President Nelson)
  2. Live peacefully with others.  (President Oaks)
  3. Stand on the rock of your faith in Jesus Christ.  (President Eyring)
  4. Serve a mission.  (President Ballard)
  5. Embrace the bounty.  (Elder Holland)
  6. Consecrate your soul to the Lord.  (Elder Uchtdorf)
  7. Hold fast.  (Elder Bednar)
  8. Become converted.  (Elder Cook)
  9. Get close to God.  (Elder Christoffersen)
  10. Be a peacemaker.  (Elder Andersen)
  11. Champion the cause of religious freedom.  (Elder Rasband)
  12. Love, share, invite.  (Elder Stevenson)
  13. Center your life on Jesus Christ.  (Elder Renlund)
  14. Discover your story.  (Elder Gong)
  15. Be in awe of Christ.  (Elder Soares)

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