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Old Testament quiz questions

Some of these quiz questions were found in the Jots and Tittles quiz game published by Deseret Book many years ago.

  1. What did Moses mean when he said, “Thy raiment waxed not old”?  Answer: The clothes of the Israelites did not wear out during their wanderings.
  2. What constitutes the “meat offering”?   Answer:  Wheat, with the addition of oil, salt, and frankincense (meat meant “food”).
  3. What is the difference between a sin offering and a trespass offering?  Answer: The sin offering is for sin in our nature, and the trespass offering is for the fruits of that trespass.
  4. The houses in the Middle East are, in general, built with what kind of roofs?  Answer: Flat roofs.
  5. What was the symbolic meaning of placing dust upon one’s head?  Answer: It was a token of great remorse and deep repentance.
  6. The taking of what city became a model for the Israelites in the conquests of other cities?  Answer: Ai
  7. Solomon turned his heart to the worship of what goddess?  Answer: Ashtoreth (or Astarte)
  8. When Moses numbered the tribes at Sinai, there were approximately how many males over the age of 20?  Answer: 600,000
  9. What marked the doorposts of the Israelites, saving the firstborn of Israel?  Answer: The blood of a lamb
  10. Under the Law, what was the penalty for cursing one’s parents?  Answer: Death
  11. What two conditions determined the cleanliness of animals?  Answer: They had to be cloven-footed and they had to chew their cud
  12. What was the most solemn and sacred of the religious das in the Hebrew calendar?  Answer: The day of Atonement (Yom Kippur)
  13. To what does the word prince in Hebrew refer:  Answer: “A leader or ruler of the tribe”
  14. What special gift were the seventy of Israel given through Moses?  Answer: The ability to prophesy
  15. What are the two orders of the Aaronic Priesthood?  Answer: Aaronic and Levitical
  16. In what singular way was Balaam rebuked?  Answer: By a donkey, which was wrought upon by the Spirit of God
  17. The worship of whom is generally cited as an example of the cruelest and most abhorrent idolatry known to man?  Answer: Molech, or MIlcom
  18. What was the “city of palm trees”?  Answer: Jericho
  19. How many judges of Israel were there?  Answer: Twelve.
  20. Ancient Israel divided the twelve hours of the night into how many “watches”?  Answer: Three.
  21. Abimelech asked his armor bearer to slay him so that men would not say what of him?  Answer: That a woman had killed him.
  22. How many of his brothers did Abimelech slay to become king?  Answer: Seventy.
  23. At Samson’s wedding celebration what did he propose to the Philistine guests?  Answer: A riddle.
  24. Who told the Philistines the answer to Samson’s riddle?  Answer: His wife-to-be.
  25. To whom did Samson’s father-in-law give Samson’s bride-to-be after Samson wreaked havoc on the Philistines?  Answer: To his best man at the wedding.
  26. The Philistine lords offered Delilah 1,100 pieces of silver for what?  Answer: The secret of Samson’s strength.
  27. What was ‘gleaning’?  Answer: Gathering the random stalks of grain that were left after the harvest.
  28. Who was Samuel’s father?  Answer: Elkanah.
  29. What was Hannah’s covenant with the Lord?  Answer: If she was given a child, “no razor” would come upon his head.
  30. Weaning took place among the Israelites late — the Hebrew mothers were in the habit of nursing for how long?  Answer: Three years.
  31. After he was weaned, where was Samuel taken to remain and receive training?  Answer: To the Tabernacle.
  32. Who called to Samuel in the House of the Lord?  Answer: The Lord.
  33. What type of government did Israel have under Samuel and those leaders who preceded him?  Answer: A theocracy.
  34. The elders of Israel rejected Samuel and asked that their government be changed to what system?  Answer: A monarchy.
  35. What king of Israel was about a foot taller than those of his generation?  Answer: Saul.
  36. Samuel anointed Saul to be what?  Answer: Captain (over the Lord’s inheritance).
  37. What did Saul do to dramatize the need for a united Israel?  Answer: He slew his oxen and sent the pieces to every tribe.
  38. What was a “share” used for by the Israelites?  Answer: To plow the ground.
  39. Where did the Israelites have to take their instruments to be sharpened?  Answer: To the Philistines.
  40. What were “spoilers” among the Philistines?  Answer: Men assigned to go out and destroy crops and homes of enemies, to hamper their battle efforts.
  41. What did Saul want to do to David after he killed Goliath and saw how much the people loved him?  Answer: He wanted to kill him.

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