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Natural Golf

Natural Golf tips:

• ‘Rod and Claw’ – The rod is the straight line formed by the club shaft and the lead arm. The claw is the ‘under’ position of the trailing hand.
• The legs should be spread and almost straight, with a bend at the waist.
• The stance requires a further distance from the ball than a traditional swing stance.
• The club face should always be aligned with the back of the lead hand, and square to the target.
• The lead hand fingers should pull the grip into the heel pad of the hand.
• Wrap the trail hand palm on top of the lead thumb.
• Use the Vardon grip or 10-finger grip. With the 10-finger grip, tuck the trail hand firmly into the lead hand.
• Lead hand – casting a fishing line. Trail hand – skipping a rock or driving a nail.
• The shoulders should tilt to the right, legs wide and straight.
• Consider the head as looking at the back of the ball, and keep looking at that point throughout the swing.
• When driving a nail from the side, you don’t slide forward. You maintain a “back” position with the head still.
• Right heel down throughout the swing.
• The lead shoulder is higher than the trail shoulder. The shoulders should be slightly closed relative to the target.
• Hips and shoulders do not align. Hips are square to the target, while the shoulders are slightly closed.
• The waist is bent, club and arms aligned.
• The shaft of the club should shoot a line right through the middle of the back.
• The feet should point slightly outward.
• The ball should be about 5″ behind the lead foot for irons and fairway woods, and about even with the lead foot for the driver.
• Widen the stance when going from wedge to driver.

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