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Finding temple names on FamilySearch

Temple names on FamilySearch:
  • Go to Log in with your LDS account
  • Go to Tree and move laterally for a few or several generations by clicking on the 
‘right’ arrows . You can go as far to the right as you want.
  • Click on a desired name.
  • Click on the “View: Descendancy” button .
  • Click on 4 generations
  • Scroll down and look for the GREEN temple icon 
* ‘Permission required’ means the person hasn’t been dead for at least 110 years.  ‘Possible duplicates’ must be resolved before printing cards
  • You will begin identifying distant relatives that require temple work
  • To view the names that you have requested, click on the “Temple” button at the 
top right hand side of the main screen.
  • To print the names, checkmark the little box by each name and hit ‘print’
  • Trim the cards and head to the temple
  • Pandora’s Hope Chest is a great tool to help with the above process
  • Erika’s cell phone number is 801-440-9799

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