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Dealing with difficult gospel doctrine or topics

Difficult gospel doctrine:

  • Brother Larry Hiller Ensign, June 2009, pp. 8-9, “Hope”
    “For me, things I don’t understand about the gospel are like pieces of a larger puzzle I’m working on.  If I don’t see where they fit, I put them aside and work on other parts of the puzzle.  From time to time I pick them up and look at them. If I still don’t see how they fit, I put them aside again.  I have already received a witness that the whole picture – the restored gospel – is true and complete, so I don’t worry about the individual pieces that haven’t come together for me yet. They will.”
  • Sister Camilla Eyring Kimball had another analogy. She said that she had a shelf in her mind labelled “Unanswered gospel questions”. She had many bottles on that shelf labelled with gospel questions that she couldn’t answer or understand. Some bottles were large and cumbersome, others were small and light. She was always aware of the shelf but never worried about the bottles found on it.  A lower shelf in her mind was labeled “Answered gospel questions”.  During her life, she added bottles to the top shelf occasionally but also was able to take bottles off the top shelf as her gospel knowledge expanded, and place them on the lower shelf.

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