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Colds, upper respiratory tract infections, eye infections

Colds, URTI’s, eye infections:

  • Zinc, Xlear, Hall’s lozenges, Cepacol, hydration, Lem-Sip preparation, Airborne
  • Cold symptoms coming on? Dr. Porter recommends salt water rinse (Neel Med Sinus rinse) for three days and Afrin Spray 2 times per day for three days.
  • In February 2019, I felt a cold coming on. I took Vitamin C, Cold remedy formula which contained zinc, and CVS gummy echinacae. It caused my symptoms to abate.
  • Nose infection? Advil qid and Keflex
  • Full blown cold?
    1) Augmentin 875/125 bid
    2) Airborne and Zican bid
    3) Afrin spray bid
    4) Tylenol
    5) Infection should not spread to lungs
    6) Sinus infection? Bactrim DS bid x 14 days with Afrin bid x 3 days
  • Eye infection?
    1) Tobramycin 0.3% ophthalmic solution 5 ml, one drop to affected eye qid
  • Prescription for Susan’s viral eye infections:
    1) Valacyclovir tablets, one gram tablet po tid times 10 days
  • Epididymitis ? Cipro!

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