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notesbalderdash ( ** )

Balderdash synonyms and comical family exhortations

Funny nouns and phrases

Balderdash synonyms, all of which mean nonsensical talk or writing:
• Clap-trap
• Drivel
• Falderall
• Fiddle-faddle
• Gobbledygook
• Hodge-podge
• Mish-mash
• Poppycock
• Twaddle

Comical phrases that suggest how an exciting event might affect a person or how one might get prepared for an exciting event:

Adjust your girdles
Air your laundry
Bake your cake
Carve your pumpkins
Chlorinate your pool
Clear your frontal sinuses
Core your apples
Cure your gout
Curl your bangs
Flip your pancakes
Floss your molars
Freshen your lipstick
Frost your cupcakes
Glaze your donut
Grab your bangs
Lick your stamps
Loosen your fillings
Magnify your callings
Match your message
Mow your lawn
Pack your lunch
Pierce your ears
Pluck your eyebrows
Plunge your toilet
Poach your eggs
Polish your end table
Prune your roses
Pull up your nylons
Row your boat
Secure your borders
Shave your legs
Shift your gears
Shine your shoes
Shovel your walks
Smear your lipstick
Squeeze your Charmin
Stiffen your thoracic spine
Stoke your furnace
Stuff your envelopes
Tighten your sphincters
Thread your needle
Toast your bagel
Trim your hair
Trim your hedges
Unfurl your flag

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