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notesaccomplishments (NZHM ** )

Accomplishments during our mission in New Zealand

As Susan and I have reflected on our service as missionaries, we have thought about the few things that we helped with that might not have occurred had we not served. The following list is very presumptuous, but we feel like we did play a role in the following:

  • The creation of the Stratford group
  • The creation of the Stratford branch
  • The baptism of Ian Robert Andrew
  • A wonderful relationship with Reece Marshall and Rebekah Turner Marshall
  • The befriending of Doug Hawley
  • The chance to serve in the Hawera Branch
  • The influence on Jared Baker, a wonderful young man we met in Hawera. He received the Melchizedek Priesthood in September 2016 and is now united with his wife and fully active in the Church
  • The development of a wonderful friendship with Eddie and Robin Prime, and befriending Barletta Prime, Eddie’s sister
  • Befriending Norman Ormond
  • Serving alongside Michael Horvath as the Lord prepared him for his calling to serve as Hawera branch president

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