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The Ultimate New Testament Quiz Book ( ** )


The Ultimate New Testament Quiz Book


This section of my website will be an ongoing project for many years. To access the questions, click on the underlined chapter of the desired set of quiz questions. At the beginning of each question is a two-letter designator. The first letter indicates the type of question, as follows:

D = Doctrinal, G = Geographical, and H = Historical.

The second letter indicates the difficulty of the question, as follows:

E = Easy, M = Medium, and C = Challenging.

The correct answers to the questions, along with the appropriate scripture reference, follow the questions. The most effective way to use these study questions is to read a chapter in the New Testament and then work through the questions pertaining to that chapter. Cover the answer to the question with a piece of paper until you have read the question and chosen your answer. Please email me at [email protected] if you discover errors or inaccuracies. Thank you very much.

Click on the chapter that you would like to be quizzed on: 

Matthew 1          Matthew 2          Matthew 3          Matthew 4          Matthew 5          Matthew 6          Matthew 7          Matthew 8

For general New Testament quiz questions, click here.

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