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Elder and Sister William Weatherford Touchstone Clayton of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  August 6, 2019

Sister Clayton

  • My testimony is precious to me.  It has changed my eternities.
  • You are children of a divine Father.  You have been called by a prophet.  Soon you will be saying ‘Stop the Clock’ – my mission is going by too fast.  Cherish you time.
  • You are a spiritual child of God.  You can expect love from your Heavenly Father.  Look for the Lord to speak to you through your scripture study.  Regard yourself as one who is in tune with the divine.
  • Teach from the Plan of Salvation pamphlet
  • I would like you to make three commitments:
    • Pray
    • Learn of the Atonement
    • Come to church
  • Your gift to the world is your message.  You have a divine destiny.

Elder Clayton

  • I am in charge of the missionary medical department.  If you have health or safety issues, I will read about you.  If your head is ever more than 10 feet above the ground, REPENT!  Stay close to the ground, stay safe.
  • He related a story told by Elder Ardern.  Two missionaries in Fiji left a copy of the Book of Mormon with a fisherman.  He promised to read it during an upcoming extended fishing expedition.  Many weeks later the elders went back to his shack.  He opened the door and said, “Your book is true!”  He soon joined the church, with the Book of Mormon being the key to his conversion.
  • God sent His Son and His gospel.
  • The Fall would prevent us from ever returning to Heavenly Father, but the mercy of Christ allows us to return.
  • People that you meet with remember things they learned in pre-mortality.  The gospel will feel like an ‘old friend’.
  • A covenant is a promise.
  • He told the story of a ‘party person’ that worked for the Orlando Magic.  She had an LDS friend and was impressed by the fact that this friend was so happy being alcohol-free.  She made the decision to stop drinking and she went one full year without alcohol.  She decided to read the Book of Mormon so that she could make fun of the book in front of her LDS friend.  She requested baptism not long after being her Book of Mormon reading.  Dwayne Wade attended her baptismal service.  She is also a friend of Usain Bolt, and she has talked with him about the gospel.
  • Be humble.  Make a diligent effort to be less arrogant and proud.
  • To witness is to bear testimony.
  • Repent is not a dirty word, it is not a negative word.  It does not equate to ‘punishment’ or ‘penalty’.  Jesus stands with open arms, welcoming the repentant soul.  Teach repentance with joy and glory.
  • Did you know that President Nelson can read the New Testament in Greek?  Repentance means ‘change’.
  • Put your heart into this work.
  • If any of you feel that you are not good enough to do this work, YOU ARE RIGHT!  Alone, we can do nothing and accomplish nothing.  With the Lord’s companionship, we can do EVERYTHING!
  • Worry about others much more than you worry about yourself.  That is the key to wonderful relationships.

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