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Elder and Sister William Weatherford Touchstone Clayton of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  August 22, 2017

Sister Clayton

  • I hope I can address some concerns you might have.  In a few days, you might ask “What have I done? What can I contribute?”
  • Consider Matthew 15 and the feeding of the 5000.  Bring what you have and the Lord will provide the rest, even if all you have are some crusts of bread and “stinky” fish.  The Lord could have provided a huge feast, but He worked with what they had. He asks for a broken heart and a contrite spirit.  He will provide miracles, and you will be one of the miracles.

Elder Clayton

  • I pray that the Lord will inspire me.  My wife misses the man she married (referring to his loss of hair).
  • Moroni 10:3 – Read, remember, ponder.  We must DECIDE, and then pray about our decision.
  • He talked about viewing the recent solar eclipse.  Satan (the moon) tries to cover the Sun (Christ), blocking His influence from us.  But we can partner with Christ to bring back the light.
  • D&C 138 —  Go ye out from among the wicked, by ye clean who bear the vessels of the Lord.
  • Repentance is the happiest word in our language.
  • Certain sins require more effort and repentance.
  • Nothing can cut us off from His light completely.
  • A missionary who is a convert shared his testimony, and he said that the minute he saw two sister missionaries for the first time, he KNEW the Book of Mormon was true!
  • Helaman 5:12  Treasure your sacred experiences.
  • The Book of Mormon is our greatest gift.
  • Moses 1:39   Immortality – Christ provides this eternal life – we must choose this.

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