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Elder and Sister William Weatherford Touchstone Clayton of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  November 27, 2018

Sister Clayton

  • It is a joy to see the light of the Gospel in your faces.
  • Stress is defined as emotional strain experienced during difficult times.  Stress is one of the biggest hurdles in missionary work.  We can eliminate some sources of stress, including seeking for perfection and comparing ourselves to others.
  • Trust the precepts taught in Adjusting to Missionary Life.  I advise you to complete the self-assessment found on pages 12 and 13.  Decrease your stress and increase your capacity.
  • I had personal experience with page 29 of ATML, because I was homesick during the first few days of my mission in Canada.
  • I commit all of you to read ATML and to use it during your missions.
  • Christ fed the 4000 with someone’s lunch.  He used what they had for the miracle.  That is a principle in our lives — He will start with what we have and then perform miracles in our behalf.  Give your best effort and expect miracles to follow.

Elder Clayton

  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the best thing in my life.  I am a convert!  When I heard the gospel preached, it FELT GOOD!  I was sealed to my parents in the Salt Lake Temple when I was 12 years old.  My most vivid memory of that day was the smile on my parents’ faces as they walked into the sealing room in their temple clothing.  We knew we were on a pathway to our Celestial home!  The blessings awaiting us are unimaginably wonderful!
  • You will never be single again once you are sealed to a wonderful spouse.  Live worthy of that blessing.
  • Joseph Smith was the first ‘investigator’ or ‘person of interest’ in this dispensation.  Since there were no missionaries available, the Father and the Son played that role in his life.  He wanted to know who was right and how he should proceed.  He heard a minister quote James chapter one, and the scripture penetrated his soul.   He took the Lord at His word and asked.  Joseph saw hosts of angels along with the Father and the Son.  The trees of the grove were in flames but were not consumed.  He had found out for himself what path to follow.
  • John the Baptist came to Joseph and Oliver because they prayed about the passages concerning baptism that they were translating.  It is also possible that Peter, James and John came due to their praying about the reception of the Holy Ghost.
  • The Lord wanted me to talk to you tonight about the Prophet Joseph Smith.

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