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missionwcz2 (Elder Zwick ** )

Elder and Sister W. Craig Zwick of the Seventy

Tuesday devotional,  March 21, 2017

1/ Sister Zwick

  • You are a marvelous work and a wonder.
  • Elder Richard G. Scott was Elder Zwick’s mission president.
  • At one time, Sister Zwick had to speak at a funeral, and the other speakers were Elder Packer and the three members of the First Presidency.  When she finished her talk, she was so relieved and said to herself, “That actually went pretty well!”. The Spirit whispered to her, “You don’t think that was you, do you?”
  • Don’t let ‘experience’ take the place of ‘revelation’.   Always remember that you are the resource, not the source.
  • Seek to hear the voice of the spirit
  • There is an ebb and a flow to all things, including spiritual, a cycle of life.
  • We live in an “immediate gratification” world (fast food, overnight delivery, speed dial, etc.). Immediate gratification is not the Lord’s way.  Joseph Smith waited for 3 years for his next ‘revelation’ following the First Vision. It is in the ‘waiting’ that we receive most blessings, not in the ‘receiving’.

2/ Elder Zwick

  • He saw the Living God (Lexie Walker had just sung, “O How Lovely Was The Morning”).  The Lord’s first word was “Joseph”.
  • This is the last time I will speak at the MTC as a general authority.  This is a very touching time for me.
  • The message is what matters, much more than the messenger.
  • The Lord raised each of you up to be here now, and YOU ARE ADEQUATE for the job.  You can do this. Ask yourselves, “What can I do to build up the Kingdom?”
  • Are you willing, nothing wavering?
  • There is a NT jewel in Matthew 6:38 in the JST.  Also look for the pearls in Alma 37:7 & 14, and again in D&C 109:73-74
  • Become a Kingdom Builder, giving your heart, might, mind, and strength.  It won’t be easy nor will it be comfortable, but I promise you that you will never again do anything in your life that will bring you this much satisfaction.
  • Six suggestions to all of you:
    • Create a vision for what you think the Lord wants you to become.  Without vision, the people perish.
    • Be exactly obedient. You need a vision similar to our pioneers.  
    • Keep an eye on eternal vision, not just your area or the immediate situations. You have divine potential, and give God the glory for that potential.
    • Your example is a powerful way for you to build the kingdom.  He told of going into a pharmacy late one night in street clothes and asking a few questions to the pharmacist.  The pharmacist overheard someone say “Elder Zwick”. The pharmacist decided to google his name because he was impressed by Elder Zwick’s demeanor.  He read two of Elder Zwick’s conference talks, invited missionaries to explain more, and now that pharmacist is a member of the church. His name is Michael Newman.
    • Increase your faith and do not fear.  See D&C 68:6. You are never alone in this work.
    • Open your heart and mind to receive the Spirit.  You are witnesses of Jesus. Carry out that responsibility.  We need the Lord’s very finest! It rests squarely upon your shoulders.  Take full advantage of every opportunity. Don’t ever give up.


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