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missiontrc (Elder Callister ** )

President and Sister Tad R. Callister, Sunday School General President

Tuesday devotional,  January 1, 2019

The Callisters gave their presentation jointly, taking turns at the microphone:

  • He served as President of the Canada Toronto Mission.
  • We would like to share some thoughts about personal revelation.  We would like to help you increase your capacity to receive revelation.  You can receive your own witness of this Work.
  • Brigham Young said that we live far beneath our privileges regarding receiving revelation.
  • How can we recognize and receive revelation?  Following are four important points:
    • God is eager to reveal His will to us.  Are we eager to receive?
    • Every person is entitled to revelation within the sphere of their responsibilities.  It is our own divine privilege.  This includes:
      • Your personal quest for exaltation
      • Finding your eternal spouse
      • Being an inspired parent
      • Being an inspired missionary
    • No one is entitled to receive revelation outside of his or her sphere of responsibility.  D&C 28:2 states that “no one shall be appointed to receive commandments and revelations in this church excepting my servant Joseph Smith…”  Anyone who claims to have received revelation outside of his or her sphere of responsibility is ‘not of God’.
    • Revelation is not a substitute for common sense.  Harold B. Lee was asked how to receive revelation.  His response was “…to do your homework”.   D&C 9:7-8 reiterates this point.
    • If you haven’t received revelation or guidance, use your best judgement and move forward.  See D&C 60:5 and 80:3 and 62:7-8.  God won’t tell you every street to tract or every door to knock on.  Use your own agency and best judgement as you seek further guidance.  Heavenly Father leaves many decisions to us.
    • Sometimes sound reason and revelation are in conflict.  Heaven vs. world.  Always take the path that leads heaven-ward.
    • The degree of revelation we receive is proportional to our personal righteousness.  We need to embrace goodness and purity.
    • If we treasure up revelation and RECORD it, we will receive more.  Knowledge carefully recorded will lead to more revelation.  Nephi and Lehi in the book of Helaman were said to have received “many revelations daily”.
    • There are certain impressions that solidify or enhance revelation. These are usually subtle, quiet promptings (the song of a bird [few notice] vs. the clinking of a dropped coin [everyone notices] ).  Train your spiritual ears to hear the promptings.
  • The results of revelation are measured in the fruits of the Spirit.  Satan cannot imitate the fruits of the Spirit.  See Matthew 7:17-18 & 20. The fruits are:
    • Peace.  Oliver Cowdery felt peace but didn’t act on it or appreciate it.  See D&C 6:22-23
    • An intent to do good.  See Moroni 7:13 (that which entices us to do good…)  President Hinckley said that Moroni 7:13 is the key to revelation.
    • Enlightenment, understanding.  See D&C 6:15.  This enlightenment elevates, increases our spiritual IQ, betters our reasoning and our thoughts, helps us to accept the doctrine of Christ, opens our eyes, quickens our minds, expands our mental abilities
    • “Delicious to the taste”, you shall feel and taste and sense that it is right and proper
  • Bruce R. McConkie said that every person should be a ‘prophet’ in his or her own personal affairs.
  • Elder Callister admonished us not to immediately go to commentaries and guidebooks as we read the scriptures.  He advised us to ‘study it out in your own mind and seek for your own revelation regarding the scriptures.’  He advised us not to deny ourselves sweet opportunities for revelation by depending on the words of commentaries and documentaries.
  • Investigators will often “feel good” with the missionaries in their home, but they need to “feel the spirit” in those own hearts and minds.
  • Edifying, uplifting, spiritual revelation comes only from heaven.
  • You cannot endure on ‘borrowed light’.  You must be your own light — ‘let YOUR light so shine that it will…”

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