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A wonderful conversion story involving a dream and the Buenos Aires Temple

President Carl Cook, a former mission president in Argentina, related this wonderful conversion story.  A wonderful Argentinian woman with the last name of Stryker, had a dream one night in which she saw herself, her husband, and her children all dressed in white standing in front of a beautiful white building.  She did not recognize the building.  She had a feeling of peace and contentment during the dream.  Not long thereafter, she was visiting in the home of one of her friends, Sister Fernandez, a member of the Church.  There on a wall in the Fernandez home was a picture of the very building she had seen in her dream, the Buenos Aires Argentina Temple.  She immediately recognized the building as the building in her dream and asked about it.  This conversation led to the Stryker family meeting with the missionaries and subsequently joining the Church.  The Strykers had recently been looking for ways to unite and build their family, and into their lives came the Church of Jesus Christ!  It so happened that Sister Fernandez had made a recent decision to place a picture of the temple on her wall because of a talk given in General Conference in which all members were counseled to have a picture of a temple proudly on display in their homes, as a reminder of our focus and our desires.

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