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“STIMULATOR” message for the week of June 1, 1971

Message from President Eugene C. Ludwig, dated June 1, 1971.


Dear Missionaries,

The Lord truly blessed us in May.  Let’s go forth in June, beat our best, and be worthy of His many blessings.  We can’t count on blessings that we do not earn, neither can we, without effort, drift or coast into heaven.

If there is anything the Lord requires, it is sincerity and devotion.  He want us to be honest with Him and not hypocritical in any sense  That is why He teaches us to serve Him with all our heart, might, mind and strength.  Such devotion rules out half-hearted obedience or lip-service or any work only partially done, and that in a slip-shod manner.

The Gospel is intended to change our hearts, make us Christ-like, help us to love our neighbors as ourselves and do to them as we would be done by.  Is there any rule like the Golden Rule to establish good relationships with others, whether in business, Church, school, or at home?  We should first reveal to those who are nearest to us (our companions and fellow missionaries) what our religion means and practice it in terms of our own good conduct.  Then having perfected our conduct (with our companions), we can extend our good influence abroad to the best advantage.

What if we were as generous with others as we are with ourselves?  What if we were as unselfish in our dealings with others as we hope thy will be with us?  Are we forgiving, merciful, patient, long-suffering, temperate, charitable, humble and diligent as the Lord has asked?  These are Gospel principles.  The Lord expects us to live them.  We can choose the type of missionary life we want.  If we generate love, it will be ours.  If we promote hate by our selfishness and bad dispositions then hate will be the result.  We may decide what we want, then sow the appropriate seeds.  If we cultivate them and water them, then the harvest will be sure and there will be no doubt as to what it may be  (BAPTISMS).  In other words, we get what we earn and no more.

Since our goal is to be perfect like God, we must review every aspect of our lives, look at ourselves in perspective and ask ourselves which way we are moving —  toward God or away from Him.  The Lord requires our whole heart and our whole soul in devotion, humility, and never being critical but always cooperative, in the building of His Kingdom.

Our faith is in YOU!

Sincerely your companions,
President and Sister Ludwig


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