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STIMULATOR message for the week of December 14, 1971

Message from President Eugene C. Ludwig, dated December 14, 1971.


Dear Fellow Missionaries,

We were honored and blessed by the visit of President S. Dilworth Young of the First Council of Seventy, and his lovely wife.  Let us all humbly and diligently follow the counsel and advise President Young gave us.  The following statements were made by him as he toured the mission:

• “You are called on a mission.  We trust you with the most important thing of this life, the Gospel.”
• “Don’t pass up one single house.”
• “When you speak by the spirit, it is scripture to the people.”
• “If I did wrong yesterday, I can repent and do better today.”
• “The Church wants you to be sure a man has repented of his sins before you baptize him.”
• “Don’t teach children without the consent of their fathers.  Tell the parents what the Gospel is all about.”
• “The spirit of repentance comes from God.  It is a gift of God.”
• “You are teaching the gospel of repentance.  You have to purify yourselves.”
• “Temptation always comes on the side you don’t suspect.”
• “You learn that the Lord comes first when you forget yourselves.”
• “The easiest way to get along with your companions is to not annoy them.”
• “I hope you don’t go to any movies at all while you are here.”
• “The elder who is wise will always thank the missionary who told on him doing something wrong.”
• “Spirituality comes when you have gained humility and humility comes when you have forgotten yourselves.”
• “The best books are those that will teach you how to have eternal life.”
• “You hear the words of the Lord by reading the scriptures.”
• “You must bear your witness to people with soberness and dignity.”

Sister Ludwig and I love you and appreciate the sincere efforts you are making.  God bless you.

Faithfully yours,
President Eugene C. Ludwig

“The most important thought that ever occupied my mind was that of my individual responsibility to God.”

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