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STIMULATOR message for the week of September 5, 1972

Message from President Merlin W. Sant, September 5, 1972

“I am only one, but I am one;  I can’t do everything, but I can do something;  what I should do, I will do!”

Dear Fellow Missionaries —

It is true that each of us is only one, but that doesn’t mean we are all alone.  This marvelous and wondrous work to which we have been called by prophecy and by the laying on of hands is a joint enterprise.

We are partners with the Lord, the First Presidency, the Quorum of the Twelve, the First Council of the Seventy, stake and district leaders, ward and branch leaders, and all our members, in building the Kingdom.  As missionaries, we can’t do everything; in fact, we are not expected to do everything.  That’s why we have all those partners.  However, we can do something.  We can do what we agreed to do when we were called and set apart.  That is simply, teach the  gospel.  So if we agreed to teach, we are committed to teach, and we should teach.  Then all we have left to do is determine that we will teach.  Some of us already have found influences and challenges in our daily lives that keep us from doing what the Lord called us to do.  When this happens, we get discouraged, then with a little prodding from the adversary, we begin to rationalize our shortcomings.  The nest step is to criticize our area, our leaders, and our companions and the members.

Know this, fellow missionaries, there can be no place in our lives for negative thoughts, negative statements, or negative actions.  “For as a man thinketh, so is he.”  Let’s have positive thoughts.  Christ taught a positive gospel.  There is nothing negative about it.

Alma understood the importance of knowing the positive from the negative and good from evil, for he declared: “Yea, and I know that good and evil have come before all men; He that knoweth not good from evil is blameless, but he that knoweth good and evil, to him it is given according to his desires, whether he desireth good or evil, life or death, joy or remorse of conscience.”

Let’s do all we should do and be positive in our teaching.

Faithfully yours,

President and Sister Sant

NOTE:  In this edition of the Stimulator, the following ‘New Appointments’ were announced — Elder Michael Taylor as Assistant to the Mission President, Elder Scott Brady as Assistant to the Mission President.

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