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“STIMULATOR” message for the week of August 24, 1971

Message from President Eugene C. Ludwig, dated August 24, 1971.


Dear Fellow Missionaries,

There is so much to do and so little time in which to do it.  Only by persistent, dedicated effort can we achieve our goals.  It is rewarding to Sister Ludwig and me to feel the spirituality increasing in the mission, which undoubtedly accounts for the success the Lord is blessing us with.  Many of you have caught the true vision of your calling.

May we share with you the testimonies of some of your fellow missionaries:
1) “What can I say, President?  The Lord has truly blessed us here.  It seems like the stone is rolling and nothing can stay it because the Lord himself is directing it and us.  What a thrill it is to work with the Lord.  All the credit is His — how could we claim it?  I guess this is what you call joy.  I only hope we can keep in tune with Him to be worthy of our blessings”.
2) It is such a thrill to be working here.  There are so many people that the Lord has prepared for baptism.  We can take no credit for the six who have been baptized this month.  They were ready and waiting for baptism when we met them.  We are going to continue to work hard.  I want to remember my mission as I finish it.  You know, I am starting to see something in that statement, ‘You can accomplish as much in your last two months as you did the rest of your mission’.  That’s what I would like to do.  With the help of the Lord we will continue to baptize.”
3) It certainly was a pleasure to baptize Brother ______ yesterday.  He certainly is a humble man.  This being the last Saturday of my mission,provided a thrill for me, because I wanted to baptize this last week.  But we are not finished yet.  We are seeking some more people to baptize this week.  It certainly feels good to finish strong and to work diligently to the end.  The Lord has really blessed us.  I have a personal testimony for all the missionaries in the field, that if they work patiently and diligently to the very last day of their mission that their joy will be full.  Besides you have all of eternity to think about those last weeks, which will undoubtedly be remembered the most.  They must be our best!  It is a pleasure to serve her in the New Zealand South Mission, and to feel the Spirit of the Lord and the missionaries. This is indeed a marvelous work and a wonder.”

God bless you all.

Sincerely your brother,
President Eugene C. Ludwig

“Persist, persevere and you will find most things attainable that are possible.”  — Thomas Jefferson

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