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“STIMULATOR” message for the week of August 17, 1971

Message from President Eugene C. Ludwig, dated August 17, 1971.


Dear Fellow Missionaries,

Thanks for the efforts this past week.  It was a joy to see 23 beautiful souls enter the Kingdom of God.  I am proud of you.  May you always have the satisfaction of serving faithfully and honorably in your missionary calling.  Let me share with you “The Prayer of a Good Game Guy”, which I think can be applied to us as missionaries:

“Dear God, Help me to be a sport in this little game of life.  I don’t ask for an easy place in the lineup – play me anywhere you need me.  I only ask for the desire and capacity to give you 100 percent of what I’ve got.  If all the hard line drives seem to come my way, I thank you for the compliment.  Help me to remember that you won’t ever let anything happen to me that you and I together can’t handle.  And help me to take the bad breaks as an expected part of the game.  Help me to understand that the game is full of knots an knocks and trouble.  And make me thankful for the bad breaks.  Help me to get so that the harder they come, the better I like it.  And, O God, help me to always play on the square, no matter what the other players do.  Help me to always come clean.  Help me to study the BOOK, so I will know the rules, and to study and think a lot about the greatest Player that ever lived, and other great players.  If they found out that the best part of the game was in helping other guys who were out of luck, help me to find out too. Help me to be a regular fellow with the other players.  Finally, O God, if fate seems to upper cut me with both hands, and I’m laid on the shelf with sickness or old age, or something similar, help me to take that as part of the game too.  Help me not to whimper or squeal that the game was a frame-up or that I had a raw deal.  When, as dusk approaches, I get the final bell, I ask for no undeserved complimentary headstone.  I’d just like to know that you feel that I’ve been a Good Game Guy.”

Missionaries, as you depend upon the Lord and do your part, I promise you that the Lord will continue to bless this mission with the success and goals that we have set for ourselves.  My faith is in YOU!

Sincerely your brother,
President Eugene C. Ludwig

“A man who qualifies himself well for his calling never f ails of employment in it.”  — Thomas Jefferson

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