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STIMULATOR message for the week of May 16, 1972

Message from President Eugene C. Ludwig, dated May 16, 1972


Dear Missionaries:

If I were to be asked for some suggestions that might increase the joy and satisfaction of a missionary, as he serves full-time for the Lord, I would say:

“The great objective of every good missionary is to baptize, because in so doing he becomes a co-partner with God in His purpose to bring to pass ‘the eternal life of man.’  When baptisms are not immediately forthcoming there sometimes comes into the life of a missionary a feeling of disillusionment and discouragement.

Thus it is necessary that we learn to receive satisfaction from a number of major areas as we serve in the mission field:
1) Gain satisfaction in learning and using good teaching techniques and from baptizing people.  Your baptismal experiences will be the spiritual heights of your mission.  The persons you teach and baptize will bless you name forever.
2) Gain satisfaction in developing skills in meeting people and making friends with them, thus creating in them an interest to listen to the Gospel.
3) Gain satisfaction from testifying, warning, and challenging people.
4) Gain satisfaction from the growth and development of your own spiritual and mental powers.  Develop good study habits and learn more about the Gospel during the time allocated for study.  Develop your powers of memory and store up a good reserve of scriptural quotations.  Most important of all, through keeping God’s commandments, following mission rules, and drawing near to the Lod through prayer, learn to walk in the light of the Holy Spirit and thus draw on the Divine resources of strength, power, and knowledge.

Sir Isaac Newton was once asked how he came to discover the principle of gravity.  He replied: “By thinking about it all the time.”  The great missionary thinks about missionary work all the time.

If we are to stand blameless before God at the Last Day, we must serve with all our ‘heart, might, mind and strength’ and with an ‘eye single to the Glory of God’.  Our faith is in you!

Sincerely yours,

President Eugene C. Ludwig

“It is one thing to give lip service to the Lord;  it is quite another to respect and honor His will by following the example He has set for us.”  (President Joseph Fielding Smith)

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