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STIMULATOR message for the week of April 24, 1973

Starting with the January 1, 1973 edition of the Stimulator, President Sant no longer included a Mission President’s message

Notes from the field:

“This week we have had a spiritual experience in teaching and baptizing Brother ____.  He is a very fine man with a wonderful spirit.  He has made his wife and son, who are members,  extremely happy by taking this important step.  I thank the Lord for the opportunity I have had to play a small part in bringing love and happiness to the ____ family.  I know the joy and happiness that my Father in Heaven has promised if I bring but one soul into the waters of baptism.  But many souls are needed in the Kingdom of God, and we will go and share this love and happiness with others and bring them into the fold to experience this same love and happiness.”  Elder Murphy.

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