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STIMULATOR message for the week of April 17, 1973

Starting with the January 1, 1973 edition of the Stimulator, President Sant no longer included a Mission President’s message

Notes from the field:

“What a thrill it was to see Sister ____ baptized.  It is so good to see young families united together in the gospel.  I know this young family will be a great strength in the branch.  It just amazes me how the gospel changes the lives of people.  I love the work.”  Elder C. White

“Boy, what a wonderful week for us!  It was the most wonderful baptism I have seen.  Sister _____ has been blessed with a strong testimony, and it was this that made it possible for her to make such a change in her life.  We had worked hard for this moment to come and had prayed hard for her to receive the spirit, and she got it.  It is amazing to know that when we first met her, she didn’t trust in the Lord, and I know now that He will give us anything that we want, if we want it badly.  I am certainly looking forward to the zone conference on Tuesday.’  Elder Settle.

“What great and marvelous works our Father in Heaven can perform.  I know more than ever that He does live and not only answers our prayers, but also the prayers of our investigators.  This was proven again to me by the baptism of Sister _____.  That joy and excitement that comes from baptizing can be experienced no other way. Elder Pollard and I want to feel that joy and excitement every week.”  Elder Murri.

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